"You hear that guards! In 2012! Nothing happened! You guys better set that thing right! Or them fangs will rip through your flesh as we know it!"
— Boris to some of his guards

Boris Constrictor the IV is an anthropomorphic Boa Constrictor. He along with Blade O'Cutthroat are the bosses of the level Mayan Empire in Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. He is voiced by Bill Nighy


Boris grew into a family of filthy rich royal snakes and he was next in line for the throne. Boris was more of a troublemaker, breaking family vases, smashing windows, making trouble with magic potions, Boris still was considered as the next king. A few years passed and Boris became the corrupted king of Snakingham, ordering people to do simple things, pulling pranks on others and making fun of other kings. Until one family dinner with another king, Boris crossed the line, poisoning the other king by injecting his fangs on the dinner, luckily, the king was able to recover and Boris was incarcerated for life, but soon, escaped! Once he escaped, he met a weapons smuggler, then his luck changed when his tail was changed into a sort of device that can produce knives, axes, minigun or other sharp things. He met an evil count called Fantomã whom he became partners in crime.


Setting Shop

After getting sent to the Mayan Empire, both were ordered to retrieve Moctez Pulcu Cooper's cane which was said to have some bit of magical abilities and research magic qualities for. They also devised his own plan which was become ruler of the Mayan Empire. They immediately set up shop by hiring guards to look for Cortéz and his cane, drawing Mayan-styled paintings of himself and setting up base on a large temple. Once the gang accidentally reached Mayan Empire, they were greeted by Aaron and some of Boris's guards which took everyone in except for Carmelita. Sitting in his throne, Boris received the gang when they were caught by Aaron, introducing himself, he sent them to be sacrificed for the Mayan Gods along with Cortéz Juan Cooper who is Sly's Mayan Ancestor.

Once Carmelita decides to save the gang, she stormed the sacrifice temple and defeated the guards, eventually saving the gang from death with Boris noticing the escape, ordering Aaron to pursue them, he lost them and Boris got mad, upping security to try and find the Cooper Gang.


While Fantomã did his field work, Boris preferred to stay inside and order his guards or Fantomã to do his dirty work. He first appeared in the first cutscene capturing the gang except for Carmelita and also attended the sacrifice ritual. Once the gang escaped, he ordered Fantomã to pursue them. He appeared when the gang entered the Chichen Itza, he was researching the Mayan scripts inside and archeology. He finally appeared in the operation ready to defeat Sly and his Gang.

Operation: Temple Raid

Once the gang destroyed the temple entrances, they entered the "cursed" temple to find Boris and Fantomã. Once they reached the end, Boris quickly constricted Guru and ran away with him, leaving him in the tomb of a Mayan God, here it was were Boris and Aaron fought Guru. Eventually being defeated by Guru, both layer unconscious on the tomb and disappeared to the future to get arrested by the authorities.


Boris was left in a solitary confinement cell with no means of escape. Boris was deemed to stay there for good.

Battle Music

The music against Boris and Fantomã can be heard here


Jealous Jaguars

Serve as flashlight guards.

Obnoxious Ocelots

Serve as rooftop guards.

Perky Peccaries

Serve as rooftop guards.

Thief Meter

Boris Constrictor's thief meter is light brown. Boris' head is in the middle and his forked tongue is seen constantly appearing from his mouth.


Boris is very easy to anger and does not tolerate error, kind of like L.A.R. He takes care of failure by torturing them by constricting them or sacrificing them as shown in the Mayan level. Despite his intimidating behavior and appearance, Boris is quite easy to fool due to his intelligence level which is neither great nor bad. As shown by his background, he likes to prank people and go as far as poisoning them just for laughs. And can also be best described as a liar and troublemaker, lying to Carmelita to where exactly is the gang being sacrificed or try and kill the gang on notice.


Boris Constrictor the IV is an anthropomorphic Boa Constrictor. He's light brown in color with almost notable scales and has a lighter brown underside. He has dark brown stripes around his body like real Boa Constrictors and has a forked tongue along with orange eyes with reptile eyes. He wears a crown similar to Grizz's crown except the top has two golden snakes. He wears a red and white ruff around his neck and a red king's cloak with scruffy white features. His tail is mechanical and can create various things from it ranging from: knives, forks, axes, a minigun, flamethrower or a ray gun. He's shown to be as big as Miss Decibel but this might be because of length.


Boris can command people to do his biding, not wanting to do anything himself but when the time to fight comes, he's shown to be a formidable foe in the field. Able to use his tail to shoot or try to constrict you when possible, he also gains new mystical powers to use due researching the Mayan scripts and somehow memorizing them.


  • Boris's species, abilities, voice actor is probably a reference to Rattlesnake Jake from the movie Rango.
  • Boris's status as the IV can be said that Boris Constrictor the III is his father, Boris Constrictor the II is his grandfather, Boris Constrictor the I is great-grandfather and Boris Constrictor is his great-great grandfather.
  • Boris and Fantomã are considered by fans the hardest non-final bosses in the Sly Cooper series
  • Defeating Boris along with Fantomã awards the player the "End of the Snakes" trophy.

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