"Que lastima, I really wanted to see you bleed"
— Blade inside the underground lake

Blade O'Cutthroat is an anthropomorphic Mexican Pumpkin-Headed Man. He along with Boris Constrictor the IV are the bosses of Mayan Empire.


Once a small town man from Mexico, Blade, back then known as Raúl de la Fuente, he worked in a small company that manufactured knives and sharp objects. While on his job, he had a notorious girlfriend called Floriana Rosemarie whom he dated a while back. A tragedy then happened, Flora witnessed a severe accident involving the deadly sharp objects from the factory. Raúl, being in the accident, lost his head for good and then "dying". His spirit then visited a small prison cell where he heard voodoo magic is practiced, he regained a new body from an alligator called Mz. Ruby but instead of his original head, he instead acquired a pumpkin head. He, now known as Blade O'Cutthroat, became a deadly thief of the rooftops of Mexico who only came out at night, his specialty being cutting people's heads. He was also feared in Halloween much more than before. While thieving, he met a boa constrictor known as Boris Constrictor to which he gained a liking to.


Seeking Help

The two villains were sent to the Mayan Empire to retrieve some supernatural powers as well as make the "Mayan calendar" be set right. Blade was normally in charge of helping Boris with his plans along with surveying the area but Blade also had a degree of supernatural power that he used to create the evil things in the level. Upon the Cooper Gang's misfortunate arrival, he and Boris captured the gang except for Carmelita and sent them to get their heads cut. But since Carmelita was still active, this plan failed and the gang were rescued.


Blade appears in some missions. First appearing on the first mission where you have to take a photo of him and avoid not getting seen by him. He then appeared on the underground lake where Dimitri dived in. He appeared in the cave underneath it and was planning something down there along with some guards. He also appeared in the mission Chichen Chillin' where he was contemplating thoughts about someone and talking out loud. He finally appeared in Operation: Temple Raid.

Operation: Temple Raid

While inside, Guru and Murray entered the forbidden temple but unfortunately, Guru fell down to the cursed part of the area. Blade and pumpkin enemies can be seen here along with several other things. Blade and Boris then appeared when Guru reached the end where they fought Guru in a tough battle of wits and power. Fortunately, Blade was defeated along with Boris and sent to the present for incarceration.

New Leaf

Upon reaching his parole, Blade became a major Halloween salesman with different cool and scary costumes.

Thief Meter

Blade's thief meter is blackish-orange in color with his smile appearing and disappearing from it. Blake's head is in the middle while his foil is also seen to be sparkling.


Blade is a calm Mexican guy but doesn't like being reminded of his past. He likes to play mean pranks on others due to his nature. Despite being a calm guy, he's not as calm as Raiden but Blade's more of the Mexican intimidating calm person. He also does not like being called a pumpkin weirdo or squash as this makes him extremely angry.


Blade O'Cutthroat is an anthropomorphic Pumpkin Headed Man. He wears a black cape that has a magenta inside, an orange pumpkin head with the normal carved eyes and crooked mouth, a purple crooked witch's hat that ends in a small skull with red eyes. He is also a bit lanky in appearance. His shirt is black with a Punisher-like logo on it, his tights are light purple, He wears black curled tip shoes with skull logos on each and dark gray gloves on his hands. He also has a pocket on his pants where he carries his foil (a sword used for fencing). He wears a white thief-like mask on his pumpkin head covering his eyes a bit. If you see closely, a candle is seen inside his head.


Blade is a master at using swords, he can easily keep up with anyone and never stop at it. He can also use supernatural powers as well as reviving pumpkin creatures to attack. He's also a good prankster that likes to hear everyone's pain or painful laughter. Being a Jack O'Lantern, he has a degree of fire abilities which are sometimes combines with his foil to give immense damage to anyone in his way.


  • In concept art, he was once gonna be a Aardvark knight instead of a pumpkin head.
  • Defeating Blade in battle along with Boris awards the player the "Smash 'n' Crash" trophy.

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