Black Mamba is a mech suit bought by Miss Sunscreen to aid L.A.R. She along with L.A.R are the bosses of Bio-Ray Isle and the main antagonists of Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns


Since Sunscreen alone wasn't that powerful, L.A.R ordered her to buy a mech to aid in her skills in battle. After countless shopping errors, Sunscreen finally found the company that sold them. A new company called "Black Market" commandeered by a mouse. After lots of looking through mechs, Sunscreen found the ideal mech called the "Black Mamba" that was one of the most powerful in the company. She immediately bought it and became quite the formidable foe in the hub.

Battle Music

Music against the Black Mamba can be heard here.


Black Mamba is a mechanical snake of the Black Mamba species. It has a black upper body with a gray underside. It has red eyes that project a visor to see. Inside it's mouth is dark purple with large white fangs that transmit poison. When it combines with the Bio-Ray, the Mamba has the Ray's body, has laser cannons for hands, the head is the same as the Mamba and the tail is exact,y the same as the Mamba's.


See here for it's personality.


The Mech is unusually fast for a robot and can project a red flashlight in front of it. It can shoot poison from it's mouth and create tremors with just one slam of it's tail. It can shoot missiles, lasers from its eyes, create poisonous shockwaves or other poisonous tactics. It is also incredibly sturdy and athletic at the same time.


  • The mech was obviously created by Penelope.
  • Defeating the Black Mamba in battle awards the player the "Terminated" trophy.
  • Defeating the Bio-Mamba in battle awards the player the "Snake Exterminator" trophy.

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