"With my robotic arms, I will SMASH you, Cooper!"
— Black Kong

Black Kong

Black Kong is an animal mech in Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. He's a mech created by Penelope. This mech, along with D'Artagnan Le Paradox, are bosses in Paris, France 1992.


After being bested by the gang in England, Penelope started working on Black Kong as soon as she escaped from the high security prison.  She then started splattering her logo on walls to let the gang & the world know, a new evil has risen. She then hired 5 criminals called Wallace Gray, Lion S. Blandon, Don Karlos, Lóng Fu and Iris. She sent them to various time periods to retrieve  the ancestors cane, saying they were full of power used to fuel the larger mech. She then headed to Paris, France 1992 to kill Sly's Dad before the Fiendish Five, making her the true killer of Sly's Dad and change history. While in Paris, she needed help, so she constructed another mechanical guard and "cyborged" extinct animals and also recruited D'Artagnan Le Paradox, Cyrille Le Paradox's father.


Paris Takeover

Penelope arrived in Paris and recruited Artagnan, they created a Mechanical flashlight guard that patrolled all night and recruited several extinct animals and "cyborged" them, making them tougher than usual. She created a base of operations in a giant house & a establishment used to create the larger mech's parts.


Along with D'Artagnan and some flashlight guards, she exited the large house only to check the large mech's process. She along the way talked minor details about their plan or saying she needs to place a cooler in the mech or programming the guards to comb her hair. She reached the establishment and entered, inside, she talked about the plans with Artagnan and saying she is going to take place in Sly's Dad murder. After hearing more, they exited the building. 

Moat Monster 2.0

While Carmelita fought the Moat Monster 2.0, Black Kong was seen when he defeated it. She got mad and swinged on some broken pipes out through a window.

Final Battle

On the operation, Black Kong was inside the base of operations and while the gang headed inside, Kong grabbed Carmelita and headed to the Eiffel Tower with Artagnan. She then upgraded the mech into a gigantic gorilla mech and scaled the Tower with Carmelita in hand and Artagnan inside. On the top, Kong was roaring in the rain with thunder falling while pounding his chest with his free arm, the gang arrived and heard the whole operation from Penelope which she opened to tell. She then wiped the whole gang away except Bentey which she grabbed & put down gently, suggesting feelings for him. Artagnan, due to his betraying nature from all Le Paradox, tried to betray Penelope but she was planning to betray him instead. The two then fought Cooper on top of the Eiffel Tower, Cooper eventually won but Penelope did one last attack but was intercepted by a mysterious thrown cane that sliced the arm and fell and dropped Carmelita which Sly paraglided to help her.


The fall from this made Penelope snap from her hypnosis, she then proceeded to tell Bentley that she was hypnotized by Miss. Decibel and joined the gang again.


All of her guards are cyborgs of extinct animals.

Cyborg Thylacine

They serve as flashlight guards

Robotic Dodos

They serve as rooftop guards.

Mech Pidgeons

They serve as rooftop guards.


Black Kong is a robortic gorilla suit that has a brown head with a completely mechanical body. It has razor claws and a cannon-like mouth to shoot missiles.

Giant Kong is the mech's larger appearance. It has a black head with red eyes with a cannon-like mouth, it has razor claws to climb buildings and has shooters on their knuckles.


See Penelope for personality


While normal, Black Kong walks on his knuckles and transmits a red light from its chest. While large, it can shoot missiles, lasers, bombs or use its razor claws to attack.


  • Black Kong is an obvious parody of King Kong.

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