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Black Beard

""Congratulations, Cooper. You get a one-way ticket to your grave.""
— Penelope, a.k.a. "Black Beard", getting ready to kill Sly.

Black Beard is a pirate-themed mech that appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. It is one of the two bosses of the Age of Pirates. It is actually Penelope in disguise.


For further background on Penelope, see Penelope.

Upon Chronos' request, Penelope was tasked with collecting data on emotions, specifically the kind that could be harnessed as a source of power. Considering it was the one place the Cooper Gang would never expect to find her, Penelope chose to go to the Age of Pirates, the time of Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper. After all, her experiences in Blood Bath Bay would make this choice avoidable to the untrained eye.

Her skills in both robotics and remote-controlls allowed her to create a brand new suit, codenamed "Black Beard", and given the historical significance of the name, Penelope believed that she would have little trouble staying behind the scenes, as opposed to earlier, where she tried hindering the Cooper Gang from the shadows in an attempt to defeat them. Shortly after arriving, Henriette would attempt to plunder "Black Beard's" ship, only for her entire crew to be bought off, leaving her and Red Rum Roger completely overpowered. This made Black Beard, and by extension, Penelope, an interesting person to Roger, who secretly sold Henriette out to the local authorities, little knowing that Penelope was only using him.


Becoming a Pirate

By the time the Cooper Gang arrived, Penelope, as "Black Beard", had already closed off most, if not all, of the Caribbean, making the townspeople of each colony extremely anxious and frustrated, resulting in anarchy in some of the colonies, particularly Topaz Lagoon, a pirate town turned Spanish colony. When Black Beard is mentioned by Red Rum Roger, Henriette told the Cooper Gang all about what Black Beard was doing. However, once the Cooper Gang heard about the mechanical pirate pelicans, Sly and the others knew immediately it was Penelope herself that was the cause of all the trouble, not one of her lieutenants.

Penelope isn't seen, however, until Bentley follows "Black Beard" to a hidden chamber deep within a partially submerged ship, which was Penelope's base of operations at the time. Penelope, having had enough of the cold cockpit she was forced to sit in for so long, got out and checked up on the data she was collecting. While she wasn't sure which emotions were causing the hardware to harness energy, she was sure the emotion had to be a negative one, such as fear or anger. Due to Bentley's anger towards her betrayal in his previous adventure, Bentley quickly tried to destroy the computers in her chamber with Explosive Darts. This revealed his position, and Bentley was almost captured by Penelope.


During the main assault against Black Beard and Red Rum Roger, Black Beard's original arms and head were completely destroyed by Henriette and Sly thanks to a special sword they recovered earlier. Once Penelope upgraded her Black Beard mech into the unfinished, newer model, Black Beard attempted to finish off Sly Cooper, who had been knocked out by Roger while Carmelita had to save Bentley from flashlight guards. With no one else to assist Sly, Murray was left to fend off Black Beard and Red Rum Roger simultaneously. Upon defeating Red Rum Roger, Murray fired him from one of the Emerald Eclipse's cannons, making Penelope eject from the mech's cockpit and destroying Black Beard once and for all. The Cooper Gang was surprised to see that Penelope rescued Bentley due to her old feelings for him kicking in, but regardless of this development, she quickly escaped to Victorian England, where Ven St. Claire was planning "something" that Penelope needed to check up on.


Ironically enough, Black Beard mostly looks white in color, having a very metallic, silvery look instead of the usual black that Penelope has used for so long. The only black things on Black Beard is its pirate hat, which bears Penelope's logo, and of course, the artificial beard attached to the mech's face, which hides five miniature missile launchers. Rather than use legs, the mech instead uses a steam-powered hover device, making it have a trail of mist behind and below it. This, combined with the Black Beard mech's skeleton-like face, gives it a very ghost-like appearance, no doubt to terrify opponents. It also has shoulder-mounted cannons that are modeled after those seen on pirate ships. On the mech's "torso", which is, like the Black Knight armor, Penelope's cockpit, is a black skull.

Once the mech receives enough damage, it upgrades itself by attaching its hover device to a larger battle suit, with the torso now acting as the suit's head. Other than the head, the main body and arms of the suit have a gray color scheme. It has two large arms, each with a different weapon. One arm, the left arm, has a pistol-like weapon it can fire, and the other arm has a cybernetic cutlass. Unlike the inferior model, the upgraded version of the suit has some of its parts totally exposed, giving it a rather zombie-like appearance.


See Penelope#Personality.


With no actual legs to speak of, the Black Beard mech is capable of hovering above the ground and flying, mainly to avoid being followed or pickpocketed by a member of the Cooper Gang. There are shoulder-mounted cannons as well, and the cannon balls fired from them have differences, such as one creating a huge explosion while another freezes platforms, making them tough to cross or board. The cockpit comes with a built-in refrigerator, which, according to Penelope, is so cold that it makes the mech uncomfortable to use at times; a fine contrast to the Black Knight armor, which was said to be very hot. The artificial beard on the mech's face hides small missile launchers that fire missiles that home in on their targets. The mech also wields a mighty sword for close-range combat.

The upgraded model, while not being completely finished, has a pistol-like weapon on one arm that fires energy balls, while the lightsaber-like cutlass on the other arm that slashes through various structures, such as wooden masts or entire boats.


Putrid Pelicans

These cybernetic pelicans are the flashlight guards. They were personally designed by both Chronos and Penelope and built by Penelope herself.

Sinister Seagulls

These rooftop guards act as the more close-range centric guards, as opposed to their monkey allies.

Cutthroat Capuchins

Cutthroat Capuchins are lovers of long-range attacks, which is a nice contrast to their bird brethren, who like going up close and personal.



  • Penelope was given the codename "The Mind" by Chronos for two reasons: 1. Penelope's vast intelligence. 2. As a play on his own codename, "The Master" and the word "mastermind".
  • Defeating Black Beard will reward players with the "Gizmos and Gadgets" Trophy.

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