Bi-en Kitsune

Bi-en Kitsune, also called Bi-chan by Shirai, is the alternate version of Carmelita Fox from the Feudal Universe. She is the fifth alternate Carm to meet the Cooper Gang.


Like Shirai, Bi-en has more contrasts to her Primordial counterpart than the others. Kitsune's hair is navy blue with brownish mahogany. Her eyes are sky blue for some reason.

Bi-chan wears a blue kimono that spilt at both sides of her legs with orchid edging. On her left side is a purple clover. Around her waist is a mango sash. She keeps her long hair in a bun with black chopsticks. She wears wooden sandals with white socks.


Bi-en Kitsune was to be the fourth generation of Kitsune geisha, who are famous for their agile dancing and beauty. A young Bi-en was trained as a maiko under the master of the nearest Geisha House to her village.

On the night before her mizuage, she noticed someone steal from the Geisha House and so followed him. The vixen could see nothing but a swshing striped tail in the darkness. When they neared a town, the moon came out from behind the clouds to reveal the ninja to be one of the most respected and powerful Shogun in the land, Shirai Coopachi. While Coopachi marveled the maiko's beauty, Kitsune was shocked. Before she could flee to tell the townspeople, a silhouette against the moon came down with red eyes of hate. Shirai had frozen in fear.

The silhouette was an owl named Zenmai, the slayer of the Coopachi clan, including Shirai's real parents since he was adopted. Shirai fought the owl in ager with his father's ningato and Bi-en helped by hitting the bird in the eye with a pebble, giving the Shogun the chance to slay him. Everyone from the town arrived and about to arrest their leader for murder until Kitsune explained what happened and Coopachi's lineage was kept secret.

Shirai invited Bi-en to stay in his town at his palace as gratitude, but she said that she can't because of her mizuage. So he shows up to it and she unregretfully lets him... have the honor. The two immediately formed a romance with each other and Kitsune accepted Coopachi's proposal of marriage. She left her village afterwards to be with her new husband. And to assist in upcoming heists.


Bi-chan noticed Shirai tense up one day, but couldn't figure out why. Then an army from a seized village came into town and imprisoned everyone, including the Shogun and his friends, Sumato and Marizaru. Bi-en managed to get away before they could capture her.

Way of the Ringed Ninja

The Cooper Gang make a hideout in the same place Bi-en was hiding and they find her. She nearly faints when she saw a vixen that looked a lot like her and five raccoons that look almost identical to her husband. Luckily, Bentley, a turtle that resembled Sumato, explain that they are not from Kitsune's universe and came to defeat another dimension jumper, but a dictator. After introductions, Bi-en tells them what happened to the town and the location of Shirai.

Bi-chan is relieved to see her husband when he is freed. She is later assigned with Carmelita to the Geisha House to "sugar up" the mercanaries. In their geisha outfits, they call themselves the "Geisha Twins" and perform for the men, including the girls' husbands who snuck in to watch them.

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