Benedict is an alternate version of Bentley from the Mystic Universe. He's the first alternate Bentley to meet the Cooper Gang.



In terms of facial appearance, Benedict looks exactly like his Prime. He has light brown hair with a little held in place by three beads. His visible skin is jade green with a tint of green on his nose with a a turqoise shell on his back. The frame color of his big glasses is black.

The turtle wears a long brown robe with tan and harvest gold layers on top. The collar on the harvest gold layer is yellow. He has a tan sash going over his robe.


Despite being Bentley's alternate, Benedict doesn't worry too much about small things like dust. He is less cautious because he believes that his team can do a mission just fine and will call on him when they need him. Benedict also likes having fun when he gets the chance and likes to play a few jokes between jobs or do bets.


Not much is known about Benedict's past before meeting Dëma except that he and his first friend, Marik spent a majority of their childhood at the same orphan house until leaving to be trained as apprentices under Merlin Paradox. There at their new home, they befriended Dëma and his step-brother, Critine Paradox and became as close as brothers.

When they all were grown-ups, Merlin took them on their first heist. They got the riches, but Merlin teleported his students home, leaving him to be captured. After their "father"'s decapitation, they swore that they would become memorable thieves.

Despite a sorceress named Carmara Lox chasing them nonstop, the group of step-brothers were successful in crimes. When the archnemesis of the Luper clan, Warclock appeared to destroy Dëma, the team, including Carmara, fought and defeated him. But, it cost Benedict's the use of his legs. His friends bought a magic carpet from an Arabic wizard for him to help him get around. The turtle later relunctedly agreed to let Carmara stay with them since she was "fired".


When Critine disappeared, Benedict and the others were worried, especially Dëma, who left in a hurry to find him. Benedict and the rest of the team shortly after got a message from their second leader that he had been captured.

The Thief with the Magic Rings

Benedict is a little surprised to see the Prime version of their group, the Cooper Gang and a little more surprised to see that his Prime, Bentley, also can't use his legs because of Warclock's Prime, Clockwerk. The Cooper Gang then assist them in fixing any damage done to their universe.

While on a mission with Bentley and Dëma, the two inhabitants of the current dimension couldn't understand a word his Prime was saying due to lack of knowledge of science in such a universe of magic. In a later mission with Bentley, both are surprised to see technology in this specific universe. Bentley hacks in, saying this is his magic, and Benedict exclaims that he wins the bet, which was if Bentley calls any of his own skills magic, he owed him coins from his universe.

He is shocked to find out that Critine was behind the mercanaries, Dëma's arrest and the construction of the Warclock doll. He's even more shocked to hear from Dëma that he remembers what happened to his father: he killed him while under Warclock's mind control.

In Operation: Stench Sweep, everyone, excluding a still upset Dëma, go to face Critine and the finished Warclock doll. When the big bird doll attacks the group, an enraged Dëma protects them with a force field that alos kept them out of the battle between the two striped animals and owl doll. Once Dëma defeats Critine and destroys the Warclock doll, a laser is shot at the victor, making him go unconscious when it faded. Everyone notices the figure that shot it before he flees. Once everything was straightened out between Critine and the others, Dëma goes with the Cooper Gang on their universe traveling adventure.


Benedict speacializes in Elemental magic, as in fire, water, air and earth. He is also the brains of his team

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