"Oh, seems we have guests... I am sure they won't mind joining us for dinner"
— Bartok, before killing his victims after they enter in his manor.

Bartók Rákóczy is an Hungarian Vampire Bat. He was born in Transylvania when it was still part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, so he still considers himself to be the latter despise the place is now considered to be a Romanian city.

Bartók Rákóczy
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Besides his mother and his father, he has 9 siblings


Evil, the CNWO


His soprannatural powers (ability to turn into darkness/shadows), fangs, physical strenght

Current Status:

Deceased (in 1886); back from the dead (Sly: Inside a Mind); disembodied and buried

Voice Actor:

Mark Hamill (English)
Pierre-François Pistorio (French)
Francesco Vairano (Italian)
Mark Rietman (Dutch)
Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese)


Life and Death

First-born of a noble family of the Austro-Hungarian empire, he lived in the cosiness and well being. Betrothed to a Russian noblewoman (Nastya Romanov), his wedding ended into tragedy when the coach that was bringing his wife from Moscow to Transylvania (where the marriage was about to take place) was attacked by gypsies, who killed her and threw her body in the river Danube after taking all of her jewels and clothes. This made Bartók fall into a deep depression, weakening him day after day. He got so sick and weak that he got the bubonic plague, despise the cases of the epidemy were very, very rare by the time as the country was finally getting out of the illness' danger. After apparently surviving it, it is revealed to be only a vain illusion, as shortly after he falls into the disease for the last time. He then died not much time later, buried alive as he got thought to be dead too early. 

His violent death turned him into a vampire, as well as his family (they died shortly after as well, as they got infected with the plague too). His body turned enormous due to an altered process of decomposition mainly because of his negative energy as the one of a young man who died too early, along with his dreams and hopes.

Sly: Inside a Mind

In the fanfiction/game, the Vampire Bat has awakened finally awakened from his slumber, along with his family. He slowly starts his life as a vampire, now only an empty shell of who he used to be: he now needs to prey on the living in order to keep surviving and, due to his immense dimensions, with a bite he can pretty much tear off someone's limb rather than simply drain people. Ludwig, hearing about the "local legends" about people venturing in the old abandoned manor and never coming back, went to check himself if there could have been someone useful for his plans.

Bartók, seeing the stranger who dared to enter his old mansion, blocked his path, menacing in his enormous self. The lion then proposed him to side with him, as in exchange, he would have had a lot more blood to feast on, along with some other "things". This was enough to convince the bat, that by then became one of his most precious allies.



When he was alive, Bartók was kind (at least, compared ot the greatest part of his family), respectful of others, proud (although not that much to boast), always ready to help anyone in need, even the paupers and for this he was looked on weird by the other nobles. His favourite hobbies were studying astronomy, reading books and traveling (as an aristocratic of his time, he had a good culture and was able to spleak Hungarian, Austrian and Russian fluently). He firmly believed into changing the World through knowledge and good actions. After Death

In his actual condition, he is almost nothing of who he used to be. Bloodthirsty, arrogant and malicious, he is now a follower of Ludwig and his most thrusted man, dragged at him by the promise of blood to feast on.


As an aristocrat, Bartók wears pregiate clothes and jewelry, like the diamond that seals his cape. His mortuary clothes are a light-purple coloured shirt and black throusers, that are now tattered and shred due to the abnormal decomposition process he went through.

His fur is brown and beige, while the skin inside his wings is purple, unlikely the one on his legs and nose that is white-pinkish. He has unkept long, black hairs, goatee and moustaches. 

Powers and Weaknesses

The amount of negative energy around his death place was so strong that it altered his decomposition process, giving him dark powers: the ability to turn into darkness (when he is in this form, he can be seen as a cloud of black smoke of variable dimensions) and shadows. The latter power allows him to hide in the shadows of anything and anyone, allowing him even to go out when the sun is still on (but trapping him to be someone's shadow until the night comes). Besides, his body can separate itself into pieces, that then move as they have an own life. He is also quite fond of scaring people for his own amusement, but he's so "good" at it that people often die in the process.  

His weaknesses are mostly those of a classic vampire, garlic and sunlight. Although, with some differences: touching him with garlic won't work (he has to swallow it) and exposing him to any type of light that isn't the one of the sun won't make him burn. He can also be defeated by stabbing his heart, again, as other vampires as well. You just have to find where he hid it...  


  • Bartok sleeps in a coffin chained upside down in his bedroom.
  • His name, like Ludwig's, comes from a famous musician: Béla Bartok, who also shares his nationality, being Austro-Hungarian.
  • In a part of the game, you have to escape his mansion and survive to him hiding yourself till dawn. The music heard is called "Escape from the Dead" and is based on Prokofiev's "Dance of the Pagan Monster" that can be heard here:
  • The music that plays when he appears and during the cutscene before his battle is his theme and can be heard here:
  • His manor was once a beautiful place, but is now a decaying, creepy place. Who dares to enter never comes back, as it gets eaten by the Vampire Bat and his family.
  • The flashback ingame cutscene showing his past was entirely playable, and you could impersonate him before his death. However, since it would have included to show the tragedy before his marriage as well, it was cutted out.
  • In the original fanfic, in the kitchen room of the manor and some other parts of it, there are corpses hanging on the ceiling, rotting and dripping blood, half eaten. This was considered too dark for a Sly Cooper game as well and was cutted out.
  • Bartok has a sharp Hungarian accent.
  • He is the only character in Ludwig's CNWO to be completly and purely evil.
  • Defeating him in the game will give you the trophy "Rest in Pieces".

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