"Yoou doo knoow what happens to snoowmen oon Spring?! Melting! Melting I say!"
— Brrr arguing with his girlfriend

Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr

Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr









Snowy breath, Biplane

Current Status

Alive, Incarcerated

Voice Actor

Tobbe Blom


"Wicked Frosty"

Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr is a sadistic, cruel and dogfighting Swedish Snowman. He along with Juliet Rosemarie are the bosses of WWI Germany.


Having been created by a powerful dogfighting warlock, Brrr was charmed to never melt even under extreme conditions. Despite this, he is still very cautious around sunny weather and hot climates. The Dogfighting Warlock sent all his Ace DNA onto the immobile snowman and it took it's same personality and life. Becoming a legendary pilot, Brrr used his icy tactics for dogfighting, freezing plane engines, encasing plane keys in never melting ice, or freezing plane wings while in the air for sure loss. Brrr was hired by L.A.R to browse plane details in WWI.

Episode 4: Icy Ace War

Working for L.A.R

Having heard of Brrr's skills, L.A.R hired him for WWI Netherlands. Brrr immediately set up shop in Germany, hired guards and building his own plane called "The Blizzard". Due to his more outstanding and bossy personality, Brrr was mostly hated by Clockwerk when he was recruited. Brrr was in charge of scanning plane information from WW1 due to their powerful abilities. Since he heard someone was taking down time traveling minions, he was mostly expecting Sly and the gang.

Capturing Otto

Otto Van Cooper already devised a plan to take down Brrr but since he had icy powers and better technology, Otto couldn't get near him. Ordering his guards to capture him, Brrr had no problems with all the small things. After the gang busted Otto out, Brrr was annoyed but still kept his cool around his anger. Brrr at this time noted Sly Cooper's brave attitude and knew he had to be careful around him.


Brrr can be seen in a warehouse in modern Paris along with a shadowy snake and the rest of the time traveling minions. He could be heard saying "Wait till thoose guys see my skills!" in a muffled voice due to the glass. When the gang arrived in the Netherlands, Brrr was sometimes seen, one of these instances was when Bentley used the RC Car inside the hangars, the gang sabotaged his plane and when being followed by Sly.

Brrr's Last Stand

After many missions and the first part of the operation, the gang reached Brrr, he had already shipped the information to Clockwerk, he was about to do the second part of his operation, he wanted to participate in WW1 and become the most legendary pilot with names on history books, websites and all kinds of WW1 related stuff. Having robbed Otto's cane, he took off with his biplane and headed off. Bentley used his wheelchair arms and grabbed onto Brrr's biplane and the battle started.


Having been defeated in the air by Bentley, Brrr disappeared in a flash to modern time. He was thrown in an icy prison cell, from the looks of it on the credits, Brrr seems to like it much better, he even created icy sofas, open refrigerators and even a dinner table. Perfect for a home.


The music for battling Brrr along with Juliet is this.


Aggressive Aurochs

They serve as flashlight guards.

Spinning Shepherds

They serve as rooftop guards.

Stingy Swans

They serve as rooftop guards.

Thief Meter

Barron's thief meter is snowy white with snowflakes sparkling around it. Barron's head is in the middle. Other than the sparkling snowflakes, nothing else is animated.


Brrr has a cruel and sadistic personality, which is weird due to snowmen being associated with cheerful and happy moments. Despite all this, he seems to be scared of clear sunny skies and fire. He is also calm and collected, calling himself cool even under pressure, being based on snow, this is common. Brrr might also be confident on his skills, being he mentioned in the warehouse that WW1 will see his skills. He has a bossy personality and is also outstanding, sometimes proving to be annoying to L.A.R.


Baron "Romeo" van Brrr is an anthropomorphic Swedish Snowman. He is completely white in color and wears pilot goggles on his head along with a black top hat. He has a carrot nose, blinking coal eyes and three coals on his body, he also has a blue scarf on his neck. He also doesn't resemble more traditional snowmen due to only having 2 parts, his head and his complete body. He has white snowy arms and walks by sliding on the floor.


Brrr is an exceptional pilot, able to fly very fast and be calm during an air fight. He is also shown throughout the level to be able to blow freezing winds from his mouth that can freeze any kind of thing, evidence from his prison cell, frozen plane engines and patches of ice around the German Town.


  • Baron van Brrr's full name is similar to a boss from the game Super Mario Galaxy it's called Baron Brrr.
    • Coincidentally, both villains are based on icy figures.
  • Brrr, along with the Mask Of Dark Earth, is the only villains to be based on inanimate objects.
    • Brrr being the only one that can talk or express emotions.
  • Brrr's full name Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr is based on Romeo. Since Rosemarie's name is Juliet, they might be based on Romeo & Juliet.
  • Defeating Brrr for the first time awards you the trophy "Spring's Coming"

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