Arpeggio is an exclusive villain in the pack "Klaww Returns". He is the final boss and boss of the level Giant Blimp.


Having attended a prestigious boarding school with friends, as he grew up, he couldn't keep up with the other classmates which had big wings already. Furious at his feeble body, he used his powerful mind to construct a blimp according to the Italian Renaissance masters. He created the Klaww Gang to steal the Clockwerk Parts for him to merge himself to finally fly. He was instead double-crossed by Neyla, his protégé, and merged herself into, the Clockwerk frame. She "killed" Arpeggio by smashing its beak onto him, Arpeggio somehow survived and escaped before the blimp was destroyed. After some years, his original feathers grew back and he started his evil plan with Jean Bison, he reconstructed a larger blimp with more levels to keep itself afloat.

Episode 5 KR: Anatomy for Chaos!


Having constructed a bigger blimp, Arpeggio hired different guards that those he had back then which consist of flightless birds. He was hold up in a different blimp circling the bigger blimp which can be noticed due to Arpeggio's logo being on the sides.

Entering the Blimp

Sly entered Arpeggio's Blimp and he was speechless at seeing Arpeggio alive, Arpeggio was in the pilot's room with his moving mech while some flashlight guards patrolled around.

Operation: Bird Takes Flight

After infiltrating his blimp once again, Arpeggio surprised the gang by being there exactly when they came, he admired Sly for his thievery and also felt somewhat sorry for Bentley being in a wheelchair and admired Murray's muscles which were bigger. Despite the flattery, he started telling his whole plan to conquer the U.S along with Jean Bison but since he was jailed, he decided to be the supreme leader. Sly was going to stop him but the walking mech extended its hand. The mech then upgraded to a "transformer-type robot" that escaped the blimp by flying, Carmelita arrived with her helicopter and a battle in the skies ensued.


The battle takes place throughout the blimp while you are the gunman and Arpeggio's mech is in front of you. The mech can shoot lasers, missiles, atomic bombs, rockets and those circular electric circles that Clock-La used back then. To attack it, when it throws an atomic bomb, hit it back to it, he will punch it again and again to you while you have to shoot it fast so it detonates on it. Repeat the process and you will win, for now. The mech crashed into the bigger blimp and the pieces were now falling, using his last powers, the mech grabbed the Safehouse with Bentley & Murray inside. Sly had to go through the falling debris and watch out for surviving guards. After reaching the mech, hit its head many times and you will win for sure.


The mech falls down to Berlin, Germany and Arpeggio is seen struggling to get out, he was arrested by Carmelita and gained a life sentence for what he did. The gang was rescued by Sly.


Security Ostriches

They serve as flashlight guards

Krazy Kiwis

They serve as rooftop guards

Pecking Penguins

They serve as rooftop guards


Arpeggio is very self-conscious due to not having the ability to fly and his small body. He is very intelligent, having created 2 blimps and even a mechanical bird perch for him to sit on, suggesting he is very good with mechanics.


Arpeggio is a British Parrot. He has a yellow beak and green feathers, blue hair, blue eyes and wears a red cap and monocle. His mechanical bird perch is operated by turning cranks and a directional flap on its back. It had light curtains hung around it and a perch that hung from a wire that Arpeggio sits. It has Arpeggio's insignia on a gold tile on top of it. The larger mech resembles a Transformer and has various parts while retaining the same colors as the bird perch. The face has a video of Arpeggio's face on it.
Arpeggio's Insignia


Arpeggio is very intelligent and is also a very good mechanic. The larger mech can shoot various projectiles and it is considered a tough mech to fight.


  • Arpeggio's name is based on arpeggio, a broken chord which could reflect his inability to fly.

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