The Arctic is a place located to the north of the earth. It is one of the most coldest places in the Earth. Sly went here in Episode 2: Cold, Cold War to put an end to Vostok. The time here is 6:45 p.m



  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Vostok's statue
  • Icy walls
  • Caves
  • Camping site
  • Vostoks lair
  • Icy hills
  • Glaciers
  • Ocean
  • Machines
  • Crates
  • Fish containers
  • Fishing rods
  • Ice (breakable)
  • White rats
  • Snow beetles
  • Clue bottles
  • Secret sly masks
  • Safehouse

The Artic has many snow hills and ice caves. The ocean can be seen if you go far away. A camping site is situated in the center and takes half of the level. The camp has many houses and even a area where you can see fish hanging like a market store, there are also holes in the place that hold a nearby fishing rod that can be hit for coins.



The music is somewhat similar to the 2nd Canada level in Sly 2, it has jingle bells adorning the music. The fight music turns into a fast paced use of the jingle bells.

Pickpocket treasures

  • 500- Diamond
  • 300- Crystal stalagmite
  • 100- Snowflake

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