The Arcades are six separate arcade machines found in each time period's hideout in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. Like in the previous installment, arcade machines must be unlocked by collecting every treasure in a world. However, there are now five different types of mini-games to play this time around, three returning ones and two new ones:

1. Spark Runner: Using motion controls, the player must guide a ball of light through an obstacle course and reach the goal in a limited time. Going off course will result in failure, and purple energy will increase the amount of time you have.

2. System Cracker: Like in the previous games, Bentley takes control of a digital tank as he blasts through obstacles and reaches the goal. Unlike before, however, the tank now has four forms: Shell Code, the default form, Speeder Code, a faster form that is weaker defensively, Panzer Code, a stronger form that is slow, and two new forms called the Trapper Code, a defensive form that is weak offensively, and the Valiant Code, a powerful code that provides invulnerability for a short time.

3. Alter Ego: This side-scrolling shooter involves a miniature version of Bentley firing upon malicious code. Destroying the primary target will result in victory.

4. Viral Demolition: This new mini-game involves guiding a set of digital orbs to the bottom of a container. Orbs with different colors will explode when three or more connect in some way, kind of like Tetris.

5. Data Defense: This new mini-game has to do with protecting data from opposing hackers by activating shields in specific places that will deflect malicious code. Doing so will get you points. Keep deflecting the malicious code until time runs out, at which point you will either fail, complete the mini-game or mission, or, if you're playing an arcade, move on to the next mission.

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