Anubis' Ankh of Evil is treasure that can be obtained in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves in the episode Rob Like an Egyptian. It is worth 233 coins and the time that is needed to reach the safehouse is thirty-eight seconds.


"This lovely cross' ruby was once red while in the hands of an evil, greedy pharaoh. However, a mysterious plague struck the pharaoh's home, causing him to decay after a mater of days. In the hand of his corpse was the ankh, but the stone had been plagued as well, having become black. When the pharaoh's death was discovered, the people heard a malevolent laugh from no one. Next to the pharaoh's body were claw marks that weren't there before. Since this incident, people believed this precious was cursed by the God of Death."


It is located on the head of the Temple of Anubis. Only Slytunkhamen can reach this treasure.


  • This was originally thought of by SoulKingdomCreator.

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