Ankhesenamun's Secret is a sidequest from Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. It can only be available once every mission in Ancient Egypt is completed.


  • Purchase every move on ThiefNet

How to Complete & Dialogue

As Sly, walk into the front entrance of Qwerty's Palace. Once inside, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly sees Ankh getting ready to cast a spell.) Hey there, Ankh. (Sly causes Ankh to scream due to Sly catching her by surprise.)
  • Ankh: Don't scare me like that, Sly! That wasn't very nice!
  • Sly: Oh. Sorry about that. What are you doing in here, anyway?
  • Ankh: Ever since the fall of that false pharaoh, Slytunkhamen and I have begun competing to try and see who the better magician is. I have a favor to ask of you.
  • Sly: Really? Like what?
  • Ankh: How much do you know about your own limits?
  • Sly: What do you mean?
  • Ankh: I've been curious lately. How much do you know about what you can do? Do you think you can finally learn all that you need to about your thieving skills? I've heard that you have this thing called "ThiefNet". I hear you can get new abilities with it.
  • Sly: You heard correctly. ThiefNet is a website that will let you get skills. Your point?
  • Ankh: I will give you something special if you can purchase all of the skills you and your friends know. Who knows? Maybe I'll gain inspiration for a new spell. Now get going. I don't want to be disturbed while I'm practicing.
  • Sly: Well, alright then. (Sly slowly leaves the palace with a confused look on his face.)

Once Sly and the gang have purchased every single upgrade and ability on ThiefNet, a cutscene begins when Sly returns to see Ankh again.

  • Ankh: (Ankh is busy practicing a spell, but stops to turn to Sly, who has just entered Qwerty's old palace.) Ah, you're back. You don't need to say a word. I have seen all of your progress already.
  • Sly: Oh. So you know we got everything on ThiefNet?
  • Ankh: Yes I do. And here is your reward. (Ankh gives Sly a Secret Sly Mask.) Guard it well. It may give you access to a secret or two later on. (Sly nods and leaves the palace. Ankh grins as she begins practicing her spells again.) You're going to have an interesting future, Sly... I'm sure of it...

Sidequest Complete

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