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Ankhesenamun is a minor character in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves who appears in the episode Rob Like an Egyptian. She is the egyptian ancestor of Carmelita Fox.


Ankhesenamun (or just Ankh) and Slytunkhamen have been at odds with each other for a very long time, often trying to beat the other in terms of magical powers. However, when a mysterious plague infected Egypt after a flood, Ankh has since ended her rivalry with Slytunkhamen, becoming the brains of his former team. Together with Imhotep the Hippo, Murray's ancient Ancestor, they worked together to take down corrupt pharaohs and palace guards.


Ankh acted as an informant to Slytunkhamen during the Cooper Gang's time in Egypt. However, she became the target of Qwerty when it was discovered that she knew the location of the Wing of Ra, which was rumored to be the wing of the god Ra himself. During the mission, "Family Ties", Carmelita and Murray are told to protect Ankh from guards as she is being escorted to the safehouse. She is later seen in "Operation: Bird Roundup", where she aided Slytunkhamen by distracting the guards with hypnotic spells to help Sly reach Qwerty. She later appears in the palace front entrance after all of the missions in Rob Like an Egyptian are finished. She'll challenge the Cooper Gang, saying that if they learn all that there is to know about their own abilities, she will give the gang something important. This important thing is actually a Secret Sly Mask, and it can only be collected once the Cooper Gang has purchased all of their moves on ThiefNet.

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