Ancient Greece is a time period featured in the game Sly Cooper: Thieves Be Forever. It takes place in Greece 1400 BC and Slys Greek ancestor, Hercooper is playable here.
Ancient Greece


Upon arriving, the gang hid in a small temple and converted it into a Safehouse. The streets were constantly guarded by Greece's mythical creatures so the gang had to be careful around here.

The Ancestor

After gathering information on the ancestor, Sly went inside a prison-like temple that was constantly guarded by flashlight guards and laser traps were also present. Sly eventually found Hercooper but he needed three keys which the guards have them. After freeing him, Hercooper needed his cane and Sly promised they will look for it. After arriving in the Safehouse, Hercooper told the gang the whole problem with his capturer, Hyracles a Lernean Hydra and the whole story.


After getting Hercooper's cane and other jobs, it was time to deal with the main villain in his temple which was actually a weapons facility to create weapons for L.A.R to use. After defeating Hyracles, the whole "temple" collapsed on top of him. And the gang bid farewell to Hercooper and traveled to the next member.


  • Temples
  • High elevations
  • Streets
  • Temple of Athenas
  • Secret Weapons Facility
  • Greek gods statues
  • Statue of Hyracles
  • Trees
  • Vases
  • Small houses
  • Mouses
  • Chickens
  • Clue Bottles
  • Secret Sly Masks
  • Safehouse



The music for the level contains trumpets sounding regal and harps adorning the music, there are also pieces of violin too. The fight music contains a piano played very fast along with trumpets.

Pickpocket Treasures

  • 500- Ancient Vase
  • 300- Greek painting
  • 100- Greek coin


  • The creators wanted a Greek level in the game since the beginning. They said it was to honor the game God Of War: Ascension

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