Ancient Egypt, the episode of which is known as "Rob Like an Egyptian", is the first time period that the Cooper Gang visits in the game Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


In the Beginning...

Sly Cooper finds himself locked up in a jail cell and must find a way out of the prison and somehow reunite with his pals before it's too late.

Recon Revenge

After reuniting with his friends, Sly Cooper must take recon photos of the Egyptian city that is ruled by one of Penelope's hired mercenaries, the "Anti-Sly" known as Qwerty.

The Boy King of Thieves

Sly Cooper must return to the prison to rescue his Egyptian ancestor, Slytunkhamen Cooper, and recruit him before it is loo late.

Mummy's Boy

Sly, using his newly-acquired Mummy Costume, must test out the costume, venture into one of the pyramids and activate a switch that will open the way to Qwerty's palace.

Family Ties

After Sly infiltrates Qwerty's palace and confronts the copycat thief, he discovers that a priestess named Ankh is going to be targeted by Qwerty's guards. Only Carmelita and Murray can save the day.

What a Croc!

When Penelope goes to inspect Qwerty's progress, she is forced to aid him in taking his equipment to his second base by throwing the Nile Crocodiles out of the Nile River.

In the Nile

After Penelope's successful mission, the Cooper Gang must lead all of the Nile Crocodiles into a pen and find out why the crocodiles abandoned the Nile River.

Pyramid Scheme

The Cooper Gang must journey through the Temple of Anubis to get the second and final Ankh of Power needed to create the Ankh Bombs that are required to enter Qwerty's pyramid.

Operation: Bird Roundup

The Cooper Gang make one last assault against Qwerty in an attempt to stop him from taking the fabled Wing of Ra to Penelope.

Mission Guides


List of Treasure

Vault Treasure

Pickpocket Treasure

Collectible Treasure


Flashlight Guards

Rooftop Guards


Inside of the safehouse is the System Cracker arcade machine. Collecting all of the treasure will unlock it.


  • Ancient Egypt has the most missions out of any time period in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves, with nine. Sly's Father's Time has the least, with two, and the rest have eight.

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