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"Do we really have to wear tuxedoes, mate? I look like a fruit loop in this."
— Amber, criticizing the outfit she's supposed to wear.

Amber is an anthropomorphic Australian rabbit that appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. Together with Gustav Gale, she is the boss of WW1 Netherlands.


Amber was one of four members of the band Blynd Tyger, a heavy metal band that, for awhile, enjoyed a few years of fame in her home country of Australia. Her life was ruined, however, when her little sister, Crystal, had overshadowed her with her pop music, which doomed Amber's band into obscurity, eventually making them disband. Jealous and hurt, Amber sabotaged Crystal's latest performance, crippling her and making Amber a wanted criminal. Out of desperation, she joined up with Gustav Gale to escape the authorites, and the two worked together ever since.


Amber wasn't fully aware there had been a deal between Gustav and Chronos, only that they were talking about something. But when she was informed that Gustav would be traveling through time, Amber wanted to hear the whole story. Upon being told what was going on, she agreed to help, but only if she could get away from Chronos. Penelope then gave them modifications to their gear and sent them on their way.

When the Cooper Gang arrived in WW1 Netherlands, their first mission was to recon the area. Sly was the first to spot Amber as she made her rounds, and followed her into the weapons development facility, which Gustav was in charge of. Sly could only follow her into the main lobby, so he was forced to leave. The next time the gang encounters Amber is when she attempts to destroy the safehouse with an army of flashlight guards. Her forces were defeated by the combined efforts of Murray and Penelope, however, and she fled to fight another day. The third and final time the gang would encounter would be when she and Gustav piloted the prototype "Project Clockwerk", while Chronos would get away with data of the improved model. After the ship's destruction via Otto's piloting skills, Amber and Gustav battled Penelope, who was slowly regaining her original mind. After a long, grueling confrontation, Gustav and Amber were defeated and Penelope became sane again.

During the end credits, it is revealed that both Amber and Gustav sent to Europe's highest security prison, with Amber ending up in Penelope's old cell.


Amber is specifically a Common Rabbit, and as such, her fur color is brown with a little white tail. She appears somewhat butch, even sporting a tuxedo like the rest of Chronos' and Penelope's hired help. In this case, she wears a dark purple tuxedo with Penelope's logo on her left knee. Her hair, which was dyed pink, is in the shape of a mohawk, and her nose is pierced with a gold ring. She always carries her electric guitar in a strap on her shoulders in case she wishes to play it.


Amber has a mean streak that is very noticeable the moment someone lays eyes on her. She never asks many questions and just gets right to the point. When she says something, chances are she means every word of it, especially if it's an insult. Amber, having grown fond of the fame and fortune she used to have, tends to reminisce about those days, and how much she hates her sister for ruining her. However, she respects her underlings, even complimenting them when they do a good job, something Gustav would never have the heart to do. Despite this, however, Amber has little tolerance for failure; mess up even once and she'll have a tantrum. She also has a tough time thinking when under pressure, and is deathly afraid of Chronos, sometimes to the point of shutting herself up if it looks like he's about to speak.


Amber's musical talents are incredibly deadly, with enough force in her guitar to send back flashlight guards and enough volume and skill to make someone go completely deaf. Amber can also produce shockwaves from her feet rapidly stomping the ground, and she is capable of moving incredibly fast, in contrast to the lumbering Gustav. Thanks to Penelope's modifications, she can fire energy waves from her guitar. When she and Gustav are both in the air, she specializes in mid-air traps, such as smoke clouds and even some of her own musical blasts. She also has a negatively charged electric device that she uses to attack the Cooper Gang. This is the opposite of Gustav, who uses a weapon with a positive charge.



  • Defeating Amber and Gustav rewards the player with the "Surf and Turf" Trophy. Defeating Amber in under two minutes as Otto van Cooper will award the player with the "Wet Behind the Ears" Trophy.
  • Despite being one of Chronos' hired mercenaries, she is the only one who lacks a codename. This is because Amber was mostly hired on to help enforce Gustav Gale, not because she was truly needed for Chronos' plans to work.
  • Her least favorite genre in music is classical music, the exact opposite of fellow music lover Miss Decibel.
  • Her band, Blynd Tyger, is a homage to Deff Leppard.

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