Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is a jungle situated in South America. Sly goes here in Episode 4: Amazon Terror!! to put an end to Jaggar's operation. The time here is 12:04 A.M



  • Trees
  • Ferns
  • River
  • Birds
  • Fruits
  • Camp
  • Jaggar's House
  • Camp site
  • Spiders
  • Secret Sly Masks
  • Clue Bottles
  • Safehouse

The Amazon Jungle has many trees and also destroyed ones due to Guadalupe's scheme. There is also a river flowing through half of the level. The camp site contains tents and houses that are guarded by Guadalupe's guards.



The music is similar to the 3rd episode of Sly 2, bongo drums also adorn the music. The fight music is almost similar to Medieval England's fight music with the instruments being the bongo drums.

Pickpocket treasures

  • 500- Mayan script
  • 300- Ancient rock
  • 100- Frozen spider

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