Alter Ego is a hacking mini-game that appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. Players control a digital version of Bentley as he fires upon various obstacles and enemies. If Bentley's avatar collects yellow data, its power increases. Collecting red data will give the avatar a huge power boost. Eventually, it'll level up when five bits of yellow data or one bit of red data are gathered, giving Bentley's avatar additional firepower. Collecting blue bits of data called Logic Bombs will demolish numerous obstacles at once and take several enemies with it with the press of the R1 button. Bentley's avatar can only hold three Logic Bombs at one time. Three new power-ups have been added to this mini-game. The first is purple data called Ghost Programs, allowing Bentley's avatar to simply pass through obstacles and enemies. The second is green data called Virus Beam, which fires a powerful laser that is perfect for breaking down barriers that the Logic Bomb cannot, though it can't damage enemies. Finally, there is orange data called Firewall Shields, which make Bentley's avatar invulnerable for a limited time. However, Bentley's avatar can only hold one of these power-ups at a time. Once Bentley reaches the end, he must destroy the Main CPU, which acts as a mini-boss for each Alter Ego mini-game. Destroying the Main CPU will complete the mini-game. Losing all of the avatar's HP will make the player lose.

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