Agnes-Aggy MacFox's Secret is a side quest in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. It is only available when Celtic Scotland's missions are all completed.


  • Beat each arcade mini-game and rank first.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Carmelita must leap on top of the steep hill to the far north on the map. When Carmelita enters the hut on top of the hill, a cutscene commences.

  • Carmelita: (Carmelita enters the hut. An arrow flies by her face, barely missing it. Carmelita looks up and sees. Agnes with a bow in her hands.) Hey! You almost killed me!
  • Agnes: Och, sorry abit 'at. Ah thocht 'at ye waur haur tae rob me.
  • Carmelita: A thief worried about being robbed? That's certainly interesting.
  • Agnes: Och, Ah min' ye noo. An' noo 'at Ah 'min correctly, Ah was wonderin' if ye coods dae me a favur.
  • Carmelita: Really? What kind of favor, Agnes?
  • Agnes: Ah heard ay these things called "arcade machines". Ah hear ye can gie stronger if ye use them. If ye can be th' strongest thaur is, I'll gie ye somethin' ay interest. Hoo abit it?
  • Carmelita: You don't actually get stronger using it, but the arcade machines sound like they'll be fun. I'll do it.
  • Agnes: Guid luck, descendant. Yoo'll need it. (Carmelita exits the hut.)

Once the Cooper Gang ranks first in all of the arcade mini-games and beats them, Carmelita must return to the hut. A cutscene will begin once Carmelita enters the hot again.

  • Carmelita: (Agnes walks over to Carmelita.) Agnes, the deed is done. (Carmelita shows Agnes photos of her high score on the arcade machines.) So, what's this reward you have in mind?
  • Agnes: Only thes. (Agnes gives Carmelita a Secret Carmelita Mask.) Noo ye best be oan yer way.
  • Carmelita: Okay, Agnes. And thanks. (Carmelita leaves the hut.)

Sidequest Complete

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