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Agnes-Aggy MacFox

Agnes-Aggy MacFox is the Scottish ancestor of Carmelita Fox who appears in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


Agnes-Aggy MacFox was arguably one of the best thieves in all of Scotland, capable of outsmarting even Slaigh MacCooper at times, though he always stole back what she took from him. Slaigh and Agnes formed a friendly rivalry of sorts, with the two of them constantly competing to see who was the better thief. They were always on good terms. And with her skills in the use of bows and arrows, Agnes would come to be called "The Archer Thief".


Agnes-Aggy MacFox had joined forces with Slaigh to take down Le Dude, but his advanced technology was Agnes' achilles' heel, and she was jailed as a result. Sly later unintentionally rescued her during the mission "FREEDOM!!" while trying to free Slaigh, and she warned him about the danger he was getting himself into. After she was freed, she went off to warn a nearby village who hadn't been attacked by Le Dude yet, and after Operation: Loch Ness Robbers, she and the villagers liberated her homeland and she became a well-respected law enforcer, starting the Fox legacy. She will later appear in an old house on a hill once all of the missions in Braverobber are done. She'll request that the Cooper Gang get stronger as warriors, and that if they do, she'll give them a special reward. What she means by this is that if the Cooper Gang beats every single arcade machine in every hideout and rank first, then she'll give them something. Once this happens, she'll give Carmelita a Secret Carmelita Mask.


  • Credit for some of her appearance goes to MoleFreak23.

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