The Age of Pirates, also known as the third episode, "Coopers of the Caribbean", is one of six time periods in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


Oceanography Photography

Sly must take recon photos. Afterward, he must team up with Red Rum Roger to find key points in Topaz Lagoon.

Freedom and Betrayal

After the Cooper Gang go off to rescue Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper, a dark betrayal is just about to be discovered...

Ghostly Voyage

Sly, Henriette and Carmelita venture to the faraway island to see what Black Beard is doing there.

Nerd vs Nerd

The fur flies as Bentley and Penelope sabotage each other on two separate occasions.

Treasured Tides

Henriette must use her exceptional diving skills and stealth prowess to find a sword hidden within a sunken fleet.

On Feathered Wings

Red Rum Roger has been sent to destroy the Cooper Gang with a flying machine! Carmelita must defeat Roger and his men before the unthinkable happens.

Why is the Rum Gone?!

Murray must destroy all of the rum barrels to drive all of the pirates in Topaz Lagoon completely crazy.

Operation: Turbo-Dynamic Piracy

The Cooper Gang must face off against Black Beard and Red Rum Roger. However, when the rest of the gang is in danger, Murray has to battle the both of them on his own...

Mission Guide


List of Treasure

Vault Treasure

Pickpocket Treasure

Collectible Treasure


Flashlight Guards

Rooftop Guards


Once the collectible treasures in this time period have been obtained, the arcade machine of this level, Viral Demolition, is unlocked.

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