"It doesn't require a genius to do a simple hijacking code... How come you didn't recognize it, turtle?"
— Van Bruggen, talking to Bentley

Adrian Van Bruggen
"Easy as hacking into a Government's computer"


Giant Pangolin




Windmill; the Dutchman


His spikes; his machines


Himself; the CNWO

Current Status:


Voice Actor:

Kevin Kline (English)

 Adrian "Adrie" Van Bruggen is a Dutch Giant Pangolin and member of the CNWO. He is the hacker of the group, and it's well-known by the Interpol how easily he broke into the USA Government's systems.


Adrian was born in the Netherlands and not much is known about his childhood, but seems that nothing serious has happened to him during it. It is hinted that he may have known Penelope at some point of his life before the events of Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind.   

In the need to find a job, he managed to enter the Koninklijke Landmacht (the Netherlands Army) and was sent into the informatic&technologies department due to his skills in said subjects. Later, when he got contacted by Ludwig and as he told him about his plans, the pangolin quickly left a nice "goodbye" message (an email sent to all the staff of the army with a "F**k you", along with a powerful virus that kept them from tracking him and slowing down all of their operations). He is now wanted and he has to escape, using Ludwig's protection to not be caught and killed.


Adrian has a very high opinion of himself and tends to not obey the orders that are given to him, being very rebellious to any form of autority. He seems to also suffer of Tourette syndrome, and he doesn't seem to make any effort to control himself even in front of Ludwig, often getting in troubles for this (although ingame, all of his curses and swears get censored). The pangolin also tends to be constantly angry for something and it's rare for him to find a moment of relax.

He never really liked the society he was in, being strongly misanthropist: he doesn't have faith in anyone/anything and is convinced that the world now came to its end. He sided with Ludwig due to his ideals matching with the hybrid's ones, who promised him a role by his side after he will purge the world. 


Van Bruggen his a light yellow and gold coloured Giant Pangolin. Most of his body is covered by protective spikes, just like real-life pangolins, and he has long black nails. His snouth resembles a bit Toothpick's and his skin has some brownish spots. He also has glasses due to a light form of myopia. 

He wears a long black leather coat with cream-coloured fur on it. Under it, he wears an orange shirt and short brown throusers, kept firm around his waist by a belt. 


He isn't very strong in close combat, but if he has to, he will fight by curling himself into a ball of spikes and throwing himself at high speed against the opponent. When in this form, it is very hard to stop him and almost impossible to "open" him. 

His brain has been modified, as all of Ludwig's close "Comrades": the brain implants he has allow him to have a much better time when hacking. These augments are specifically made to hack into everything and to communicate with everyone who has the same implants (unique pieces made by Ludwig himself), making sure they can't be intercepted (if someone manages to, any hacking attempt is recorded in the system, which activates a defence system of "hijacking" , sending the hacker false informations and stuff).

The brain implants also allow him to control multiple machines and robots all at once, and can create disturbing frequencies to annoy anyone that uses electronic items.


(For further informations, see Boss Fights (Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind) )


  • The music heard during his boss fight is Wagner's "Flying Dutchman":
  • It seems that, behind his rude and belligerent temper, Van Bruggen has a soft spot for reading: during his DLC gameplay missions, one of his idle animations show him reading Machiavelli's The Prince book.
  • He subtly breaks the fourth wall during some ingame cutscenes, where he gets even angrier about his words being censored.
  • Defeating him will award the player with the trophy "Winds of Change"

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