This is the third mission in "Frost Fair 1905".


  1. Get into the punch card bank building
  2. "Clank" the "grand broad-street engine no. 4"


the mission begins with Sly on a telegram wire. when he gets there, a cutscene will begin.

Bentley: Sly, I have to say,you have one of the weirdest family know to animal-kind.

Sly: you can say that again.

Bentley: Anyway, I need you and your German cousin Suzanne.....
Suzanne 2.1

Suzanne cooper

(Binocucom zoom in on Suzanne cooper, whos on a different wire, though in front of Sly)

(Suzanne wave at Sly with a smirk)

Sly: Oh..., this is going to be great...

Bentley: HEY, I didn't said you need to be with her for the full mission!

Sly: Oh, ok, that nice to....

Suzanne (Suzan): Oy! I ain't dass bad...

Sly: Suz, sorry to say, BUT every time I gone with you on a job, something goes wrong and I get blame for the chaos that come along.

Suzan: oh sure, like when vetter?

Sly: Oh, like yesterday when my girlfriend got stung but a giant robotic wasp and was knockout.

Suzan: oh, Dass wasn't your fault, it was your KRAMA fault.

Sly: That isn't helping little wolf.....

Bentley:Can you two clam down and just relax please?(Sly and Suzanne stop talking).....Good, now Sly, I just need you to lift your cousin to that open window(Binocucom zoom in on open window) so she can get into the building, OK?

Sly:*sigh* Ok Bentley.

(Bentley sign off)

Sly: this is going to lead to something interesting right cousin?

Suzan: JA!

you, as Sly, then jump off the wire run over to the marker, which in under the open window, after that a cutscene will begin.

Sly: So, I guess you stand on top of....(Suzanne ninja spire jumps onto Sly head)..Ok..Hey Suz, you gain a few pounds. you need to lay off the German chocolate bars and get out more.


Sly: Um.....No, BUT seriously, your not fat or anything but...

Suzan:HA,(points to air vent) Ich can fit in that air vent over dur and show I'm not Dass fat!

Sly:Um....yeah....I heard that one before....(Suzanne jumps off Sly head) OW!

Suzan: Yeah, Yeah, let me show you how is done!

(Sly then follow Suzanne to the air vent.)

(Suzanne whack open the air vent)

(Suzan craws halfway through the vent head first)

Suzan: SEE!, nix to it...*thump*(Suzan tries to get out) AH CRAP!

Sly:(smug smile) You stuck?

Suzan:Ja! Maybe you're auf to something, Maybe Ich need to lay off the bars, huh? sie go sofort to die hips!

(Sly starts laughing)

Suzanne: Ha,ha, very funny, jetiz may you help me out heir!?

(Sly still laughing)

Suzanne: I hate you vetter.

Sly:Sorry cuz, (laughs a little) this is just too funny cuz...

Suzan:Ja...., Your romping rings laughing and poor mie is stuck und freezing sie tail and butt OFF!! NOW HELP OUT VETTER!!!

Bentley(on radio): what going on?

Sly: Oh, Suzan's Big ego and......her wonderful Derriere, got her stuck in a air vent.

Suzan: Rief er mich FETT!!

Bentley: Sly, why did you said your cousin was fat?

Sly: I DIDN'T SAY THAT, I just said she need to lose some weight!

Bentley: Friend, you NEVER talk to a woman about her weight,...EVER!

Sly: oh, when did I miss that class on manners to woman?

Bentley: YOU DIDN'T KNEW THAT??!!!

Sly: yeah. I didn't....


Sly: Sorry, I'm going to have to let you off now to help kurze Wölfin here.(sign off) Ok cousin, you win, just going to take picture of this....

Suzan: A what...*snapshot*...Ok,having your fun noch, Vetter!?

Sly:Yeah. Ok, On three(grab suzan tail)...

Suzan: OY! DASS MIE TAIL(kicks Sly foot), RUCK!!!

Sly: OW!! I'm trying to help you know...


?????????: Why ello' my good chap Sly.

Sly: Thaddeus? I thought you were at the safe house.

Thaddeus the third (thaddeus):(wearing a wool overcoat) I was, But I then went to the coffee shop to get a tea and a slice. Why did you call your cousin fat?

Sly: HEY, ALL I SAID.....

Thaddeus: Nevermind, we need to get her bloody out of the mess you made. You grab one leg while I grab the other.

(Sly and Thaddeus try to pull suzanne out of the air vent)


Sly: know what Thaddeus, this isn't working, we need to sit down and think...

(a repeating tick tock sound goes through the air)

Suzan: umm.....oops.

Sly: *sign* What did you this time...

Suzan: I pulled ein alarm wire....

Thaddeus and Sly: A WHAT!?

(Alarm sounds go through the streets like no tomorrow, hundreds of guards start coming towards the alarms and them)


Suzan: Wait What...*thump* OW!!

Thaddeus: YOU TO MATE-(see Sly is already in the air vent)..NEVER MIND!!!!(get in air vent and close its)

Suzan: That hurt ya know, now my butt is sore.

Sly: hey, you finally said a sentence without a word of German.

Suzan: ):|

Sly: Hey, don't look at me, you're the one who got stuck and pull the wire.

Suzan: but sie call me fat....

Sly: No I didn't.

Suzan: did to!

Sly did not!

Thaddeus: hush you two!

(camera pan and zooms outside to the army of grey fleet men)


Soldier 1(dog): False alarm Sir....

Officer : False alarm,....My ass, SEARCH THE AREA MEN !!!

Soldier 2(duck): AW COME ON!!! IN THIS SNOW STORM!!??

(camera pan back to the air vent)

Sly: Huh, that officer said the very reason why were stuck here....Right cousin-*WHACK**CRACK*-OWWW-EEE!!!

Thaddeus: IF I WERE YOU MATE....,I would stop talking about her weight problem....*WHACK*- WHAT THE DEUCE-!!!!!


????:OOoohh, She's mad un'.....* Suzan about to swing her cane at the poor fool* YOU LOOK V-V-VERY PR-PRETTY A-A-AND FLASH A-A-AND-AND NICE- PLEASE DON'T HIT ME !!!!!

(Suzan sighs, puts away her cane, and turn on a Flashlight and start walking down vent, And then looks back at Sly and thaddeus)

Suzan: du might as well follow ich...Huh?(starts walking away again and goes out of sight)

"Guttersnipe"(slang for Poor victorian kid or teen(teen in this case, also a squirrel to)): What's her problem?? other than her getting stuck by her(stares at suzanne)...wonderfully Dreamy Hips.....

Sly: She my cousin kid...

Guttersnipe: OH, Sorry mister.....

Sly: Cooper.

Guttersnipe:Cooper? Ok Mister cooper....Family of Barrelmaker?

Sly: Thieves.

guttersnipe: Thieves?

thaddeus: No worries sir, we not going to mug you.  Anyway, It doesn't need sherry to find out that Obviously Suzanne is like your sister. Now is the "the sister you never had though wish for",....OR.....

Sly: "the one I was grateful to didn't had as a sister". Anyway, you lead, I follow-

Thaddeus:Don't say that, It will get one of us killed...


Thaddeus: Now follow me....,(to guttersnipe)....You a linkboy?

(Loading screen)

(It Ends, and the camera is panned on a pipe\vent opening)

(four cartoon-ish thuds are heard and a "OW" from Suzanne, follow by "dass hurt". Then crawing out of the vent is Suzanne cover in coal soot and dust, Who then stands up Though bent with hands on her knees panting)

Suzan:*Cough**cough*...Hate zu admit it*cough*...But he's right, I'm raus of shape*cough*.....for ein cooper. (Stands up)Now for die clank-....(Camera pans out to show the a ton of computer like machine past the cave openning) OH DEAR.....MUCH BIGGER DANN I THOUGHT SIE WAS........

(Pulls out her Own Binocucom, which is like a pair of brass flip glasses)

Bentley: Hallo Ms. Suzanne.

Suzan: Hello wise turtle, how it going?

Bentley: SO......,where the rest of the team....

Suzan: Got loss

Bentley:Ok, so when was the last time you been out on a field job....,that needed "cooper skillz"

Suzan: Oh...1 and half months ago(wipes off her face of soot with a rag)....though mein mind ist still sharp as tack....which should help...hopefully...

Bentley:HOPEFULLY?? You cooper....always over- or underestimate something in the plan.....Hang on(Bentleys video screen goes out)....What.....Oh ok...Suzanne, Your dad wants to speak with you...

Suzan: MY WHAT!!??.....

BF Cooper(BF)( Suzanne's Dad): 'Ello my german governess daughter-

Suzan: DAD!! Was zum Teufel ist los mit dir!!

BF: Aw, just want to see how my little girl doing.....

Suzan: DAD, I'M NOT...,ok, ich isn't dass tallest cooper...,BUT STILL, I'M DOING EIN JOB!!!! I'M A GROWN WOMAN, JA?!!!

BF: Sure, but your still my daughter, YES?

Suzan: *sigh* YES DAD! (this start playing)

BF: Anyway(Camera pan to the bottom of the gear wall),According to this map, if you get down this wall past that " tar pond" on the bottom of this wall(pan to wall center, then starts going up to suzan location) while me and your cousin turtle friend talk on a jolly new plan...(camera pans back to Suzan location)

Suzan: EIN NEW PLAN!!??, WHAT HAPP.....

BF:Ta ta dear...(sign off)

Suzan: GRRRrrr......

You then play as the shortest known(Suzan is about four foot ,though also the most cutest female in the family) cooper, and as said your mission at this time is to get to the waste dump below.

Now, Suzanne gameplay is not unlike Slys, though is different. some of the thing you will notices is that she has more hurting power then Sly since she also use a sword in combat. She also has more skills, but her thief meter runs out faster. Another thing is she short, which isn't always a good thing, but allows her to get though small choke-points

For this part of the mission, As said, you need to get the bottom of the gear wall, which is just outside of the of the "cave", and do it SAFELY!! at this time, you get to use one of her own moves "suger rush" to help you through this part.

Hazards here are Bright Hot Nixie Wires(they somewhat replaces "lazers"), Spotlights armed with "Crookes heat rays", Machines, guards(Pyro auks, Royal
Crookes heat ray

ray gun spotlight

Clankers,Rats, and "Fish-men"),and other things

when you get to the bottom, a cut scene will begin.

Suzan:*panting* dhat was a workout....

Bentley: no, that just the warmup.

Suzan: *mild shock* die what?

Bentley: Now you go to climb the other wall...

Suzan: (Camera pans up to show the top of the other wall) ANOTHER WALL!!???

Bentley: Yes, it another wall, so what...


Bentley: look, I know you may have a "not getting out alot" problem...

Suzan: don't even start with mie, you better haben a good reason...(an slug like, eldritch horror, lovecraftian eye comes out of the sludge)(an *oh crap* expression is now On suzanne face) ...know what, Ich is just going zu do dass right now...

You then go about on climbing the OTHER wall.

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