A Shocking Truth is the fourth mission in WW1 Netherlands in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Dismantle the security robot with the Repairman Costume.
  • Sneak into the warehouse Chronos is hiding in and destroy the main computer terminal.
  • Learn what Chronos, Amber and Gustav Gale are really up to.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Sly. When he reaches the marker on the roof of the repair shop, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: Okay Bentley, I can see it.
  • Bentley: Good, because that warehouse is exactly where Penelope and Carmelita are going.
  • Sly: Wait, what?
  • Bentley: I've done some research, and it seems that Chronos is hiding out inside of that warehouse. It's also where Gustav and Amber are keeping their secret project stored. And don't worry about Penelope. If anything happens, Carmelita will take care of it. We're too cautious to let her betray us again.
  • Sly: Look Bentley, lately I've been thinking that she may stay on our side this time. I mean, you said so herself. Her mind isn't what it used to be.
  • Bentley: Just because her mind isn't what it used to be doesn't mean she'll just go back to being good again, Sly! What if she betrays us again? I'm not going to be hurt by her ever again. (Sly sees something big and metal coming out of the warehouse door.)
  • Sly: I guess that's the secret project?
  • Bentley: Not quite. It looks like it's just a big security robot. But don't worry. You should use that Repairman Costume to dismantle it, but only when Carmelita is done bringing it down with her Shock Pistol. (Sly sees Carmelita getting ready to fight the robot.)
  • Sly: You already sent Carmelita out? I better get over there and help her then! (Sly puts on his Repairman Costume and rushes to Carmelita and Penelope.)

This part of the mission is easy. Just run over to where Carmelita and the robot are fighting. Gameplay will immediately switch to Carmelita, who must fire at the robot's eyes, core, and hands in order to bring the robot down. With the exception of the core, which require thirty shots, the eyes and hands will need fifteen. Once you finish it, gameplay will switch to Penelope. Enter the warehouse, use the RC Car inside the vent and traverse the vent, it's filled with lasers so Penelope will have to be careful. Once she reaches the end, Penelope will appear in the computer room. Destroy the computer by completing a hacking mini-game, namely Spark Runner, and this cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Great job Penelope! But Chronos has a backup file in his back pocket! You'll have to grab it but be careful! If Chronos sees you, who knows what will happen!
  • Chronos: Amber, Gustav, the plan appears to be going quite smoothly. You've done a marvelous job with the construction phase.
  • Gustav: Always pleasure. What is plan concerning Penelope?
  • Chronos: It's a shame that we don't have our sacrificial lamb anymore, but rest assured, she'll no doubt show up again. Besides, her usefulness has been outlived ever since the completion of the Hate Chip. (Carmelita becomes shocked, not liking where Chronos' conversation was going.) I trust that Cooper has been dealt with? (Amber tenses up, believing that he's asking a rhetorical question, but chooses to act like he doesn't know anything yet.)
  • Amber: That's just it, mate. Uh, I kind of messed up. (Amber covers her mouth in fear. Chronos looked at her with incredibly angry eyes.)
  • Chronos: And this is why I am putting Gustav in charge of the rest of the operation, including your side of things.
  • Amber: WHAT?!?! B-But the only reason why I failed was--
  • Chronos: Was because you underrated Cooper!! I don't tolerate poor work ethics, Amber!! The Clockwerk Frame must be constructed with Le Dude's mined metals. Do I make myself clear? (Carmelita begins staring at Chronos in a state of fear, having just discovered what Chronos' plans really were.)
  • Amber: Y-Yes, s-s-sir.
  • Gustav: We get ready for aerodynamics testing soon. Once this finished, Clockwerk Frame prototype will be ready. Then make real thing on airship. I have favor to ask.
  • Chronos: Go on.
  • Gustav: Can I kill the turtle? He too nosy, dah?
  • Penelope: That rotten... (Penelope is in a state of shock as she remembers her memories from when she was brainwashed.) What have I done?! (Penelope growls angrily.) CHRONOS!!! (Penelope runs over to Chronos, Amber and Gustav and blows her cover.)
  • Chronos: (Chronos grabs Penelope) What? Well, if it isn't Penelope! Or should I say "The Mind"? Blowing your own cover was not an intelligent choice.
  • Penelope: Let me go, you stupid bird!
  • Chronos: I'm afraid not. You do remember what happened to "The Hatred", right? Kind of a shocking reveal, wasn't it?
  • Gustav: Chronos! Look! There's Cop lady over there!
  • Chronos: You even brought her too, Penelope. Even as an enemy, you are still doing my bidding. Good job, but it looks like we'll have to imprison you and your friend.
  • Amber: C'mon, you blokes! Grab her! (Two Firecrests grab Carmelita and bring her to where Chronos is.)
  • Carmelita: Let me go now!!
  • Chronos: You two are feisty. Gustav, tell your men to place these two in their own cells, just to avoid unnecessary escapes.
  • Gustav: Will do! (Looks at Amber)
  • Amber: "Sigh" I'll do it. Guards!! Place these two in their cells!
  • (Two Squirrels appear and grab Penelope, along with the firecrests, they run away to the cells)
  • Chronos: Now, what were we talking about?
  • Bentley: (Voice overlaps the three villains) Oh no! This is bad! We need a plan, and fast!

Job Complete

Death From Above


  • Credit for helping out with this mission goes to MoleFreak23.

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