Out of Touch, Out of Time

A Clockwerk Owl is the final mission in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. It is the second part of the two-part final mission.


  • Defeat Chronos once and for all...

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Sly. A cutscene will instantly begin, picking up where the other mission left off.

  • Carmelita: (Carmelita and Bentley arrive helping Murray and Penelope regain consciousness. A laser wall turns on, blocking their path to Sly, who is right in front of them.) SLY!!!
  • Sly: Carmelita!!
  • Chronos: It's no use, Cooper. Clockwerk is coming back tougher than ever, and under my command.
  • Sly: You're just an insane murderer and a psychopath!
  • Chronos: I would pick your last words wisely, raccoon. Anyway, would like to hear more of my plan? You've already failed, by the way, so it really doesn't matter.
  • Sly: You've squawked enough already, owl.
  • Chronos: Eagle-owl, not owl. There's a difference. One is a nameless fool while the other is victorious!! (Chronos tries slicing off Sly's head with his scythe, but misses.) You ruined Penelope for me, you know that?! She was supposed to be the mind that would occupy Clockwerk! Of course, her erratic mind made it a bit tough to keep her in line, but once I saw the postcards she sent Bentley, I strengthened the hypnotic control that I had over her. But how?! How could you have snapped her out of that trance!? I made sure that her self-induced hypnosis was permanent!! And did you honestly think I'd let someone like you kill me?! Only a fool would die at the hands of a Cooper!! Now, I think I'm going to have to kill you and your stupid friends for your meddling, right here, right-- (Chronos and Sly notice a strange force pulling them upward.) What?!
  • Sly: Is that a wormhole?!
  • Chronos: Our time-traveling must've caused temporal anomalies of untold proportions! Who knows where we'll go next! (Chronos and Sly are pulled upward. Chronos and Sly try using their weapons to hold themselves down, but they are sucked into the wormhole. Chronos and Sly are sent to a large, open area completely covered by snow. Sly and Chronos quickly get up. Chronos sees that his prototype portable time machine is destroyed due to the snow short-circuiting it.) You cost me my prototype time machine, furball. Judging from the look of things, I'd say that we're in the Ice Age. How interesting. I literally get to put you on ice.
  • Sly: Only time will tell, Chronos.
  • Chronos: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (Chronos' eyes become slits, making Sly a little afraid for a second.) We'll see about that.

This fight has a grand total of twelve phases in it.

Phase One

Chronos will rely heavily on his scythe to attack Sly in phase one, and considering that the first phase is an all-out brawl, Sly will have no choice but to get up close and personal with the big bird. Chronos is quite good at blocking Sly's cane, so Sly will have to be creative when it comes to how he'll hurt him. The only real way that Chronos can be damaged in this phase, however, is if the blade of his scythe gets stuck in something. Sly must then Rail-Walk on the scythe to make it too heavy for Chronos to move, and hit the bird when he's trying to lift his weapon. This is a relatively easy phase, but once one-twelfth of Chronos' HP is gone, he and Sly will be sent to Ancient Egypt, at which point the second phase of the fight will commence.

Phase Two

Chronos will take out Ven's book of spells and use the shadows to attack Sly if Chronos sees him. Sly must quickly use his Shadow Power move, making Chronos unable to detect Sly's movements. Once Sly is close enough to Chronos, Sly must attack him from behind. Doing this enough times will eventually lead to the third phase, in which Sly and Chronos are sent to Medieval England.

Phase Three

Sly is at the bottom of a large tower, and Chronos is summoning shadowy meteors to attack Sly with. Using the Wall-Hook move, Sly must ascend the tower without getting hit by the meteors. Getting hit even once will cause Sly to fall all the way back to the bottom. Once Sly reaches the top, Chronos will try swatting Sly off of the tower. Sly must quickly hit Chronos to begin the next phase, which is in Ancient Arabia.

Phase Four

Using the Repairman Costume, Sly must once again ascend a tower, only this time, he must climb up it before a raging sandstorm comes in and kills him. Also, Chronos will use the shadows to make the ropes and poles Sly uses to climb hazardous. Sly must get to the top of the tower and hit Chronos immediately to start the next phase. This one is in Celtic Scotland.

Phase Five

On a fortress wall, Sly must use the Wall-Edge move and avoid Chronos' demonic lightning attacks. As soon as Sly reaches the end of the path, he must immediately attack Chronos, which will take the two of them to Feudal Japan.

Phase Six

In this phase, Sly battles Chronos atop several spiked pillars. When Chronos and Sly are in the air, Sly must hit Chronos and then Ninja Spire Jump before he falls into a bottomless pit or before he is hit by Chronos' scythe. Doing this enough times will allow the next phase to begin, which takes place in the Age of Pirates.

Phase Seven

Here, Sly must crawl under several piles of broken ship parts and avoid powerful dark attacks. Chronos will create illusions of himself to deceive Sly and make him stop crawling. But once Sly gets close to the real deal, he must attack Chronos again. This will take them to the Wild West.

Phase Eight

Sly must Rail-Slide to catch up to Chronos and than Rail-Walk on some mine cart tracks to have the means of attacking him. Chronos will attempt to slice off Sly's head, but with a few good hits from Sly's cane, the next phase will begin. This one is in Victorian England.

Phase Nine

Sly must use the hooks in the room to swing himself onto several platforms. Chronos will try firing demonic ice blasts at Sly to keep Sly from reaching him. However, Sly must swing around to avoid the blasts. Once Chronos has been damaged enough, he'll stop using tricks and just attack Sly in the next phase, which is in WW1 Netherlands.

Phase Ten

The strategy here involves Chronos flying around an arena in an attempt to attack Sly from the air. When Chronos tries to hit Sly with his wings, Sly must attack him with his cane. doing this enough times will send the two combatants to Sly's Father's Time.

Phase Eleven

Chronos' strategy is the same as in the Ice Age. However, Chronos will have guards assist him in combat, making it harder for Sly to attack Chronos. Once Chronos' HP is down by eleven-twelfths, Sly and Chronos are taken to when Sly was battling Le Paradox in his blimp.

Phase Twelve

Chronos will cover the blade of his scythe with fire, making any hit with the blade a one-hit kill. Thankfully for Sly, the strategy is the same as last time. Once Chronos' HP is gone, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly and Chronos are sucked into a wormhole and sent back to Chronos' base. Chronos falls to the ground while Sly manages to land on his feet. Chronos uses his scythe to help himself up.) It's over, Chronos! You've lost! (Chronos begins cackling maniacally, confusing Sly.)
  • Chronos: You really think I've been beaten? No. You haven't even seen Clockwerk yet. (Chronos uses Ven's book of spells to turn on more of the lights in his base, revealing Clockwerk in what looks like a docking bay, much to Sly's horror.) We are in limbo, boy. Here, I can send Clockwerk anywhere I want at any time! For you see, this base of mine is outside of time and space itself! And you are out of your mind if you think that this is over, because I have an ace in the hole! Do you wish to know Ven's role in all of this?
  • Sly: You know, come to think of it, yeah. Why did you hire him? It doesn't seem logical to hire a magician to build a robot. (Chronos backs up toward Clockwerk's body.)
  • Chronos: That insect was supposed to perfect his voodoo abilities and give the frame supernatural powers, such as a healing factor that not even nanites can grant to people. But most important of all, he was supposed to transfer Penelope's mind into the Clockwerk Frame. She would've made the perfect killing machine, but you ruined her. But not to worry, I always have a backup plan. (Sly realizes what Chronos is about to do and tenses up, completely unsure of what to make of this development or if it was right to stop it. Chronos begins chanting something while he and the Clockwerk Frame become cloaked in darkness.)
  • Sly: This is not good... This is definitely not good... (The darkness surrounding Chronos and the Clockwerk Frame disappears, showing Chronos lying on the ground motionless. Sly quickly runs toward the laser wall separating him from his gang as the Clockwerk Frame's eyes open up wide. The Clockwerk Frame begins moving on its own, its left talon crushing Chronos' body as the frame moved.) Guys! Chronos is Clockwerk!! CHRONOS IS CLOCKWERK!!!!!!
  • Clockwerk: Sly Cooper, you insufferable fool. (Clockwerk fires a laser blast from one of his weapons, destroying the laser wall but causing some of the ceiling to come crashing down, blocking Sly's path to his friends.)
  • Bentley: Sly!! The portal closed on us while you were fighting!! We're trapped in here!
  • Sly: Shoot!! Don't worry, Bentley, I'll get everyone out of here safely! I promise!
  • Clockwerk: You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, raccoon! Already, I am gaining traits of my new identity. And I hate you wretched Coopers more than ever now.
  • Sly: Yeah, well, we beat you in the Krack-Karov Volcano, Clockwerk! You're not long for this world!
  • Clockwerk: Then I will completely erase my defeat from existence! Never will I be defeated by you, you infernal little mammal. I will destroy all of you by destroying your entire bloodline!!
  • Sly: But if you did that, that could negate your own existence, "Chronos"! You'll just cause another time paradox, and that will do a lot more damage than you could ever repair! You're the kind of person who would want to exist, right, Clockwerk?
  • Clockwerk: Hmm... It seems that you have a point, Sly Cooper. The more time-related problems there are, the more trouble there is for all of us. I am now forced to live, knowing that you will kill me someday. It's almost a guarantee that I'll be sent through one of those wormholes again. But I have come to a solution to this problem. While you may kill me in your past, I will kill YOU in your PRESENT!! Finally, the Cooper Clan will be dead! And only I, Clockwerk, will be the only Master Thief!!! HahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sly, seeing no way out of his situation, gets ready to fight Clockwerk one-on-one. Sly sees some electric wires hanging from the ceiling from when Clockwerk destroyed the laser wall. Sly gets an idea.)

Clockwerk is no fool. He will fire lasers at where Sly will be, not where he is, making movement around the arena tricky. Clockwerk won't be able to fly, but he will still use his wings to help him move about the arena faster. It is strongly recommended that Sly move before getting crushed by Clockwerk's talons. However, upon landing, Clockwerk will be electrocuted by some wires, making Clockwerk vulnerable to attack. When Clockwerk falls over, Sly must attack his head. Once Sly has done enough damage, Clockwerk will get back up again. This will happen twice. However, once Clockwerk gets damaged enough twice, there will be no more wires to electrocute him with. However, a temporal anomaly will teleport Carmelita and Penelope into the arena, allowing Sly to gain assistance. However, Penelope will immediately go to the nearest computer terminal, trying her best to open a door out of Clockwerk's chamber. Carmelita, on the other hand, will try electrifying certain parts of Clockwerk for Sly as he is being bombarded with lasers. Clockwerk will use a new attack in this part of the battle to compensate: hypnosis. Sly must never look toward Clockwerk during this time, or he'll have his movement impaired, making Clockwerk's lasers harder to avoid. Sometimes, Carmelita will become hypnotized, turning on Sly for a brief moment and attacking him from a distance. Sly must never attack Carmelita, or the mission will be a failure. Instead, he must simply avoid her at all costs. Once Carmelita snaps out of her trance, she will fire at Clockwerk's legs with her Shock Pistol, electrifying his body parts and making him susceptible to attacks. Sly must avoid Clockwerk's lasers as he heads to Clockwerk's talons and attack him when he's close enough. However, getting too close to Clockwerk's legs will make him lift one of his legs up and crush Sly. However, once Clockwerk is damaged enough, he'll resort to using his electric rings to attack. On the plus side, though, Murray and Bentley will appear to aid Sly. Bentley will go over and assist Penelope and Murray will aid Carmelita and Sly. Like Carmelita, Murray is vulnerable to Clockwerk's hypnosis, charging at Sly and getting in close with a one-two punch. Murray, like Carmelita, will eventually snap out of his trance, and should Sly attack his friend, it will also result in a failed mission. Clockwerk will fire two kinds of rings. The first kind has electricity inside of the ring, and the second one has electricity outside of it. The first type of ring easy to avoid, but travels faster and explodes when it hits something. The second kind is extremely difficult to avoid, and is only fired once Carmelita fires at Clockwerk's face. Murray must assist Sly in jumping through the ring. Once Sly does this, the ring will deactivate. Sly must quickly Rail-Walk on Clockwerk's wings to reach Clockwerk's head. However, he must be quick about this, or Clockwerk will retract his wings, making Sly's attempt to attack the weakened Clockwerk impossible. Once Sly reaches Clockwerk's head, he must attack it with his cane. Once Clcokwerk has no hit points left, the last phase of the fight will begin. It is a QTE as Sly and the gang head out of Clockwerk's chamber and find the Cooper Van, which was transported into Clockwerk's airship by a temporal anomaly along with several obstacles from various time periods. The buttons and directions are entirely random, and even one mistake will result in a failed mission. Clockwerk will try to attack the Cooper Gang as they try to gain enough speed to time travel, and Sly and the others are eventually forced to fly out of Clockwerk's lair as it implodes inside of one final wormhole to an unknown time period. Once Sly and the others get out of the airship, a brief cutscene begins.

  • Bentley: Clockwerk is approaching fast! We need to speed up!
  • Murray: That wormhole is too strong! We'll get sucked in!
  • Carmelita: Keep trying, Murray! We have to get out of here!
  • Sly: There he is!!
  • Clockwerk: I'll see to your destruction, Cooper!! You are nothing, do you hear me?! Nothing!!!!
  • Penelope: I'll show you nothing!! (Penelope turns to Bentley and takes some of his Sticky Bombs. She places the bombs on one of her RC vehicles) Take this, you monster!! (Penelope chucks the device at Clockwerk. The explosion makes Clockwerk flinch, making him unable to escape the pull of the wormhole. Eventually, the wormhole closes on Clockwerk, allowing the Cooper Gang to travel to present day due to nothing hold the Cooper Van back.)

Job Complete

Game Outro

  • Sly: "We didn't have much to say at first. So much had happened all at once. I saw my father again, I saw myself as a kid, I fought Clockwerk a second time, and Penelope just saved everyone from Clockwerk. Overall, I'd say that this was one heck of an adventure. When we got back to the Paris hideout, we celebrated! Music, dance, food, you name it! We even hired Dimitri to DJ for us! We were all just happy to be here, alive and well! Bentley and Penelope had to talk to each other alone, though. She was still a wanted fugitive, after all, so no one was supposed to know she was here. However, the next day, Carmelita hired the best lawyer she could find, and he managed to clear Penelope's name with enough evidence sometime later. And because of our efforts to stop Le Paradox in our previous adventure, everyone in the gang was given a clean slate. If we chose to, we could walk off and leave the thieving business behind. However, something occurred to me that same day. Chronos may have been good at manipulating other people, but he was right about one thing. The Cooper Gang never gave back the wealth we stole from criminals. We simply used it for ourselves. This sparked a change in me. From this moment forward, if the Cooper Gang stole from criminals, we'd give back the things we stole to the people who needed us. I told Carmelita about this revelation, and she was happy to hear it. And on that same day, I popped the question. I didn't want anything hurting this relationship anymore. And when she said yes, I was thrilled! To think that I was now going to have the chance to continue my family legacy with a whole new generation. Carmelita even chose to quit the police force to work with us. Murray and I are still quite close, and he even wanted to be the godfather of our kids if Carmelita and I had any. Bentley and Penelope still contact us, and I heard that Bentley is thinking about marrying Penelope someday. That Bentley. Always thinking ahead. As Carmelita and I began to think of our future plans, a thought came to me. Will we always have each other? There was no guarantee that we'd be together. But I guess, at the end of the day, only time will tell."



  • The title of this mission pays homage to the movie "A Clockwork Orange."
  • During the Chronos boss fight, the ancestors, which include the ancestors from the previous installment, will be seen in the background cheering Sly on.
    • The ancestors also appear in the order they were in inside of the Cooper Vault. The only exception to this is Caveman "Bob" Cooper, who never appeared in the vault in the first place.

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