The 63 Universe is the hub universe of "On 63 Street" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. The main place of operation is this multiverse's Paris, France.



  • Damsel in Dis-Dress
  • Like Prime, Like 63


  • Sylvia Cooper - alternate of Sly Cooper
  • Bernedette - alternate of Bentley
  • Mandy - alternate of Murray
  • Carmen Fox - alternate of Carmelita Fox
  • Deanna Lousteau - alternate of Dimitri Lousteau
  • Penta - alternate of Penelope



It is a near reflection of the Primordial Unverse, only with the genders of the character that appear to be the opposite.




  • Irrevelent Ibex: These ungulates are completely robotic, they have grayish-brown bodies and mechanic horns. They carry a normal flashlight and their weapon of choice are their two horns, they can shoot them at you which they regrow back.
  • Rowdy Roosters: These birds are completely mechanical, they have grayish-orange heads with black undersides, a reddish-gray crest and a greenish-gray tail and black beaks. They can attack with their razor sharp tail feathers.
  • Maniacal Marmots: These small mammals are completely mechanical. They are slightly rotund and are light brownish-gray in color with red eyes. They can attack you with their large iron-clad tails.



  • This universe is based off of Rule 63, where genders of the characters are swapped.

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