High-Flying Freedom

1-800-COOPERS is the third mission in WW1 Netherlands in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. Sly gets the Repairman Costume in this mission.


  • Obtain Otto van Cooper's repairman equipment.
  • Help build Otto's new biplane.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Penelope. Once she reaches the marker near Otto's downed airplane, a cutscene will begin.

  • Penelope: (Penelope sees Sly approaching her.) Oh, hey Sly. (Sly gives Penelope an angry look.)
  • Sly: If you ever hurt Bentley like you did in Medieval England, then I swear I will take you out myself.
  • Penelope: Medieval England? We went there?
  • Sly: Don't play dumb. You knew who Chronos was, and you mentioned ThiefNet. We've been searching for Chronos, and found nothing. What were you two planning to do? Were you discussing it on ThiefNet?
  • Penelope: Look, I just remember he was on ThiefNet and that we were talking. Why are you so confrontational? You weren't this angry since we fought LeFwee in China.
  • Sly: HUH?! LeFwee wasn't in China! He was-- (Sly gets contacted by Bentley via the binocucom.) Yeah, was is it, big guy?
  • Bentley: Did she hurt you?
  • Sly: No, not yet. She thinks we fought LeFwee in China, Bentley. Something's not right.
  • Bentley: She was like this when we arrived, too. Her memories are completely scrambled. I created a lie detector while you were saving Otto, and it seems that she really does have some sort of memory loss. Well, technically her memories are scrambled like I said earlier, but it's pretty much the same thing. Try having her work with you on the field for a bit. You know what to do in case she betrays us again. Anyway, you and Penelope will need to repair Otto's plane.
  • Sly: Otto's plane doesn't look repairable at all, Bentley. Gustav went all out on it.
  • Bentley: You have a point. Try salvaging some parts. Speaking of which, the airship above us is dropping supplies to the enemy hangar. Looks like they're trying to build more planes. Do you think Penelope has an RC vehicle that can help us get the supplies? (Penelope overhears Bentley.)
  • Penelope: Don't worry, Bentley! I have an RC Plane just for the occasion. I remember using it to fight the Black Baron. (Sly and Bentley facepalm.)
  • Sly: This is going to be one of those days, isn't it?

Penelope must press and hold down the R1 button to bring up the RC Vehicle Menu. All the way to the right is the RC Plane. Penelope must pick it with the X button and use the vehicle with the circle button. Once the plane is in the air, Penelope can fire missiles with the square button and control the plane's movement with the control stick. Penelope must shoot down ten supply crates before they are dropped off to the enemy hangar. If even one crate makes it there, it is game over. Penelope mustn't fire at the crates themselves, or the parts inside of them will fall out and become damaged. She must fire at the balloons drifting the crates to the hangar. Doing so will destroy the crates upon landing on the ground, but will keep the parts within the crates completely safe. Once all ten crates have been dealt with, a cutscene will start.

  • Sly: (The last supply box falls right in front of Sly.) WOAH!! Would you like at that. Penelope, you're a natural!
  • Penelope: Anytime. (Penelope's memories begin flashing before her eyes. These memories have to do with the Black Baron.) W-W-What was that?!
  • Sly: What was what?
  • Penelope: These images just flashed in front of me! I was in this costume, and you! You were fighting me on the wing of a plane! Wait... I was called the Black Baron back then, wasn't I?
  • Sly: Yeah, you were. After the battle, you joined our gang.
  • Penelope: Really? Wait, yes... Yes I did. I seem to remember this General Tsao person. Did he play an accordion? (Sly facepalms again.)
  • Sly: No, no, no he didn't. (Sly takes out his binocucom again.) Bentley, she did it. The supply boxes have been stolen.
  • Bentley: Excellent! Now, I heard that Otto van Cooper used to own a repair shop somewhere in town. If you can find it, be sure to get out his repairman clothes. Maybe we can have you pass off as a mechanic and trick Gustav and Amber into letting you in on their secrets.
  • Sly: Sounds like a plan. I'm sure I won't have too much trouble finding it on my own. (Sly turns off his binocucom.) Penelope, head back to the hideout. You're needed there. I have to go to Otto's repair shop to get something important. (Penelope nods and heads back to the hideout, with Sly eyeing her in case she goes anywhere fishy. Sly soon focuses on his mission.)

The repair shop is shown on the map. All Sly needs to do is head into town and make a left past the town entrance. Otto's repair shop is through an alleyway leading to the next street. Surprisingly, the front entrance is unlocked, allowing Sly to enter the shop. But once he gets inside, there will be plenty of security, ranging from Furious Firecrests to Fearsome Falcons. Seeing as none of the guards see him when he gets inside the shop, Sly can still manage to sneak past them. The flashlight guards are each guarding specific posts, and they never move from one of these posts. However, they are standing in key locations, making traversing the shop difficult. If Sly has his Silent Obliteration ability, he can silently take down the Furious Firecrests and sneak past the Fearsome Falcons. Either that, or Sly can also choose to take out the flashlight guards as well. Either way, Sly must search each section of the shop for any part of the repairman outfit. However, each section will inevitably be empty. But once Sly checks each section, a cutscene will commence.

  • Sly: (Sly hears voices coming from an air vent. Sly chooses to crawl inside of it. On the other side is Gustav Gale and Amber.) Uh-oh. Company.
  • Amber: You don't have to lair it up, mate.
  • Gustav: You know you can't make boss angry, yes? You fail again and he put me in charge of operation. No fifty-fifty.
  • Amber: It's London and a brick that that wrench will be perfectly guarded. This sheila has skills. Besides, I have a machine that will warn you of anything, remember? I can handle this.
  • Gustav: You better. (Gustav opens the garage door behind Amber.) Otherwise boss get hungry. He ate rabbit before. The boss do it again if fail. Possibly. (Gustav walks out on his mech as the garage door closes and locks. Amber gulps nervously.)
  • Amber: That eagle-owl scares me. But so does Gustav when he's angry like that. That weird wrench... I'll make sure nobody gets their hands on it. (Amber walks out of view behind an old-fashioned car. Sly looks over to his left and sees a suitcase full of clothes.)
  • Sly: That has to be the repairman outfit. But how am I going to get it without Amber noticing? I guess I'll have to be extra careful this time around.

This part of the mission is very tricky. One wrong move and Amber will hear Sly coming. Sly must move very slowly so as to not attract attention and head toward the suitcase. Then, he must snatch the clothes from the suitcase and quickly crawl under the old car. Due to the tool shelves, Amber won't be able to see Sly if he were to go after the suitcase. This will make her take the long way around the car, giving Sly some time to sneak past her, though Amber is quite fast Sly won't have a lot of time to do this. Once Sly crawls out from underneath the old car, he must quickly head toward the wrench. As soon as he reaches it, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly quickly grabs the odd-looking wrench, but notices that some of the technology on it is quite advanced.) Woah. (Amber hears Sly's voice and rushes to Sly's location. Sly sees a button on the wrench's handle and presses it, slowing down time around him just as Amber notices him.) Gotta go!! (Sly quickly rushes past her and runs out of the door into the next room, which now has tighter security thanks to a firecrest turning on spotlights and lasers. Time begins moving normally now.) That's no ordinary wrench. (Sly can hear Amber activating several alarms.)

Sly must go back the way he came, but this time, he'll have to avoid several security-related traps now. But once he makes it outside, a cutscene will begin.

  • Amber: (Sly runs through an alleyway. Amber rushes out the front door.) Gustav and that bird won't be stoked when they hear about this... (A blur runs out of town. The blur turns out to be Sly, who is now using the Repairman Costume.)
  • Bentley: (Bentley contacts Sly via his binocucom.) So, how did it go?
  • Sly: It went well, and the outfit fits like a glove.
  • Bentley: Good! Now head off to Otto's hangar. We managed to move the plane parts there. Otto and Murray were building the plane while you were gone, but it looks like you'll have to do the finishing touches. I'm told by Otto that he invented a wrench that could slow down time and fix any machine or vehicle. Seeing as the plane keeps falling to pieces for some reason, I think you'd better use that wrench when you get here.
  • Sly: Way ahead of you, pal.

Once Sly reaches the hangar, he must go and fix the new plane. As soon as he does so, a brief cutscene begins.

  • Otto: Ah! It looks beautiful! Simply wonderbaar, Sly! Just one question, though. Can I hide in the cockpit until the danger is gone? (Sly groans in frustration.)

Job Complete

A Shocking Truth

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